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  • Absorption issues

    If I check out a book and it sits on my desk where I can see it daily, I absorb the information right. Even if I never crack the cover? I’m endlessly requesting books at the library. I excitedly pick them up. I bring them home, I hold them tenderly. I put them on the […]

  • It's fall, we went on vacation

    Summer has been over for a good month, but it’s really felt like it the last week or so. There’s been a culinary shift. We eat pretty seasonally, since the bulk of our diet is vegetable based. Butternut squash has replaced green beans, applesauce- fresh berries. Today I made a batch of Myrtle’s applesauce. Grandma […]

  • Zion's National Park

    After our wonderful day at Bryce we headed to Zion’s National Park. We started our visit with the Canyon Overlook trail, which was a real winner- a perfect way to be introduced to the grandeur of the park. Scotland got his taste of 4-year-old “high adventure” aka rock climbing, and trails running alongside steep drop offs. […]

  • Southern Utah Vacay: Bryce Canyon National Park

    Tom had a week of vacation while we were in Pocatello, so we took advantage of our location and headed to southern Utah to visit Bryce Canyon National Park and Zion’s National Park. It was a wonderful week full of breath taking vistas, invigorating hikes, and time with family. I was a bit worried about […]

  • Tucson, AZ- Foutz cousins and Grandparents

    Tom’s sister, Cassie, and I are starting a tradition of cousin get-togethers in February at Grandma’s house. She’s from Boston, and like me come February she’s craving some sunshine. It’s the perfect opportunity to get the cousins together with their grandparents and enjoy the beautiful February weather in Tucson. It was an easy breezy vacation […]

  • Provo, UT- Devin and Jessica

    The boys and I had such a good time visiting Devin and Jessica. We got to see their beautiful apartment and spend some time seeing historic Provo, the Bean Life Science Museum, and hiking up to Bridal Veil Falls. (In addition to visiting the Museum of Natural Curiosity and watching my eldest niece Brecklyn swim […]

  • Idaho Museum of Natural History

    This museum is on ISU’s campus. It’s a small museum but well worth the visit. They have a large room stocked with activities for kids, that we will most certainly revisit. Scotland, like boys of his age, is fascinated by dinosaurs, so it was fun to show him what sorts of dinosaurs and other extinct […]

  • So, we're living in Pocatello

    Tom’s residency requires one away rotation. So for two months we’re living in Pocatello, Idaho. While it’s been strange to up and leave our life in Seattle, it’s resulted in all sorts of fun adventures. We were provided with a small apartment around the corner from the hospital. It’s a real change from our spacious […]

  • The Christmas season

    We had a long Christmas season this year. Typically Christmas feels so rushed, and I don’t feel like I have enough time to do all the things I want to do. This year was different. We decorated for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving, and we started daily Christmas advent activities soon after. Then we celebrated […]

  • Halloween 2014

    We had a delightful Halloween. This marked Anders’ first Halloween, and Scotland’s first year going trick or treating. How I love the novelty of child rearing. It’s so fun to see holidays through fresh eyes. Scotland decided to be a dragon again. (Despite my Mom and Dantzel putting together a super fun pirate costume for […]