This museum is on ISU’s campus. It’s a small museum but well worth the visit. They have a large room stocked with activities for kids, that we will most certainly revisit. Scotland, like boys of his age, is fascinated by dinosaurs, so it was fun to show him what sorts of dinosaurs and other extinct animals’ bones have been found right here in Idaho.

Anders in a giant clam shell.

Creepy Short-Faced Bear skeleton

I always have high hopes for the amount of learning and exposure my children are going to get on intellectual outings like this. Rarely they live up to my hopes, they typically descend into the above- various acts of silliness to maintain interest. Writing this makes me think that every time we visit a museum we should aim to learn three things. Then we could share and discuss the three things we learned afterward, and then perhaps those facts would stick.

Anders trying to climb on analyzing the bone of a wholly mammoth.

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