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  • Happy 10 Years to Us!

    In June, Tom and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary. By sheer serendipity we were in Victoria for the Foutz family reunion- the very place we honeymooned. It was sweet to get to re-live some of the emotions I felt that first week of marriage, and then to lay them against my emotions today. […]

  • Moving

    Tom and I have been talking about moving a lot these last few months. With applications and interviews for fellowship positions occurring, we’ve been forced to face the future. We love so many things about living in Seattle, but different training opportunities for Tom and a lower cost of living are forcing us to look else where. […]

  • It's fall, we went on vacation

    Summer has been over for a good month, but it’s really felt like it the last week or so. There’s been a culinary shift. We eat pretty seasonally, since the bulk of our diet is vegetable based. Butternut squash has replaced green beans, applesauce- fresh berries. Today I made a batch of Myrtle’s applesauce. Grandma […]

  • Two month hiatus

    I’ve had a lot of people ask me, “So how was your trip?” I’ve given the expected pleasantry, “Oh, it was great!” But, for record’s sake I wanted to sum up our Pocatello experience, because I learned some important lessons. I’ll go ahead and do this bullet-point style. Long car trips are entirely doable. Especially […]

  • Zion's National Park

    After our wonderful day at Bryce we headed to Zion’s National Park. We started our visit with the Canyon Overlook trail, which was a real winner- a perfect way to be introduced to the grandeur of the park. Scotland got his taste of 4-year-old “high adventure” aka rock climbing, and trails running alongside steep drop offs. […]

  • Southern Utah Vacay: Bryce Canyon National Park

    Tom had a week of vacation while we were in Pocatello, so we took advantage of our location and headed to southern Utah to visit Bryce Canyon National Park and Zion’s National Park. It was a wonderful week full of breath taking vistas, invigorating hikes, and time with family. I was a bit worried about […]

  • Cache Valley: Sabina and her family and two sets of Grandparents

    After our visit with Getti, we returned “home” to see Tom for a few days before I got stir crazy and we headed back out to visit Sabina and my Grandparents in Cache valley. They were sweet to treat Scotland to yet another birthday celebration. (I guess he got four ’cause he’s four!) Really, it […]

  • Bountiful: Brigette, Dave, Brielle, Keiton and Coleman

    We flew back to SLC from Phoenix and spent the following week with Brigette, Dave and their children. Scotland and Brielle were in dress-ups the whole time we were there. It was fun to see the difference in play, between Scotland and his boy cousins and his play with Brielle. She was much more into […]

  • Phoenix: Derek, Audrey and kids

    One of the perks of having my in-laws in AZ is that I get to see my oldest brother, Derek and his family often. We always tack on a few days so we can hang out with the kids and chat late into the night a few times with Derek and Audrey. This time we […]

  • Tucson, AZ- Foutz cousins and Grandparents

    Tom’s sister, Cassie, and I are starting a tradition of cousin get-togethers in February at Grandma’s house. She’s from Boston, and like me come February she’s craving some sunshine. It’s the perfect opportunity to get the cousins together with their grandparents and enjoy the beautiful February weather in Tucson. It was an easy breezy vacation […]