We flew back to SLC from Phoenix and spent the following week with Brigette, Dave and their children.

Scotland and Brielle were in dress-ups the whole time we were there. It was fun to see the difference in play, between Scotland and his boy cousins and his play with Brielle. She was much more into the role playing, which he loved! They couldn’t get enough of each other.

We had a couple of sunny days as well as some snow- so as well as sand play Anders had his first time on a sled down their back hill! He loved it.

We spent a day at the children’s museum in Salt Lake. It was fun to see the kids engage in some older activities- like more dress-ups, theater, and even drawing comics.

Scotland got to join Brigette’s preschool for two days. I was totally blown away by what a good job she does. She kept the kids moving, engaged, and learning. It was a good wake up call, to remind me that Scotland is capable of learning and doing more. It got me really excited to step up the academics this fall in our co-op preschool. This is just one way that Brigette really impressed me. She just does SO much, whether it’s watching extra kids, re-landscaping her yard, overhauling her home, or teaching her children, she goes all out. I marvel and her vision, work ethic and drive.

Bountiful Temple- unfortunately, also closed.

Brielle and Scotland’s birthdays are just a week apart so we held off so we could celebrate them together. It was a simple celebration, but between the helium balloons, cake, candles and presents they were thrilled. What a treat to get to celebrate with cousins. (Four times!) Tom even drove down to join the celebration which made it extra special.

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