If I check out a book and it sits on my desk where I can see it daily, I absorb the information right. Even if I never crack the cover?
I’m endlessly requesting books at the library. I excitedly pick them up. I bring them home, I hold them tenderly. I put them on the desk next to my computer. And more often than not I take them back to the library, after renewing them as many times as possible, without having read them.
My current problem is I can’t even get through two children’s books without falling asleep. I dedicate at least eight hours to sleep each night, the quality varies, but even then, more than 15 minutes in the seated position and I’m heading towards dream land. Building a baby is hard work, apparently!
As I write this I’m thinking of my wise sister Sabina’s words. (It was about teaching piano to Scotland, but I think it applies here.) “Just try for five minutes a day, you’ll be surprised how much progress you’ll make in even such a short period of time.” Hmmm. Might this work with reading?
BTW what made me write this blog? I just read this article based off a recommendation from my other wise friend Katie, and loved it. Anne-Marie Slaughter’s conclusions are very much my own- many of which I shared a few posts ago. So. . . I requested her book, Unfinished Business. Maybe this five minute goal will help be read it!?

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