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  • Great news!

    “Dear Kjirsti: I am delighted to announce that you have been admitted for study with Dean Southern beginning in August, 2008. Your admission letter, which will include specific procedural information, will be mailed within the coming week. Though you should receive it shortly thereafter, feel free to contact me if there seems to be unusual […]

  • The Bean Blunder!

      Doesn’t this pan lid look like it has big mean meanacing eyes!      So I made a HUGE blunder this weekend, and unfortunately this time the consequences were VERY high. I was cooking some dried beans to freeze for later usage. Well cooking beans takes all day. So I had soaked them over night […]

  • Quadruple the Ginger!

        Tom took me to this great Chinese Import store a week or two ago. It was a bit of an other worldly experience, it was so authentic, but I picked up so crystallized ginger and ever since I have been dieing to make something ginger. That’s my main motivation is cooking, I buy one […]

  • Happy Birthday Erin!

        This weekend was Erin’s 21st birthday and junior recital. All of her family came out from Boston and we were delighted to have been invited into their celebrations. Saturday morning we hosted a waffle breakfast here for her, as that is the tradition in their family. Erin is the oldest of 5 and so […]

  • Oberlin- land of the snows

     Oberlin adorned in her fleecy white robe.       We got more than a foot of snow on Monday, and it has continued to snow everyday for a couple hours since. I was walking home on Tuesday, and just started laughing at how hilarious everything looked. Bushes, held their snow like a new father holds […]

  • Closing doors

        I recently e-mailed several of you an article about closing certain doors to maximize productivity and focus. I have thought about it a lot since. I was, as the article proposed, shocked by the idea, and read the article more out of determination to prove it wrong as to learn from it. I take […]

  • Blowed Up Stuff

    Untitled Okay, just one more. Star Wars, according to a 3 year old:

  • Weekend Report

        When I was contemplating marriage with Tom one of the things I worried about was my social life. What a joke! I have been far more social since getting married than I was before. This weekend we were out every night. Friday we drove up to Cleveland to have dinner and play games with […]

  • Learning about myself through Daffodils

      Three days after Valentines the previously solely green foliage of Tom’s gift of flowers burst into 7 beautiful daffodil blooms. With their leaves reaching upward they were a symbol of joy and delight. Every time I looked at them, I smiled. I love life and living things. A couple of days later, after a […]

  • One WILD but Wonderful weekend!

          The Acorda’s drove down from Toronto to spend the weekend with us. They arrived around 1:45am Friday night/Saturday morning. They brought in their loads and loads of stuff and within an hour there were blankets, sleeping bags, pads, more blankets, and pillows strewn all over the family room floor. Tom and I had […]