Weekend Report

    When I was contemplating marriage with Tom one of the things I worried about was my social life. What a joke! I have been far more social since getting married than I was before. This weekend we were out every night. Friday we drove up to Cleveland to have dinner and play games with our friends Brandon and Anne, Friday we invited Dave and Alana over for dinner and a recital, and Sunday we spent the afternoon with Steve and the LDS crew. I love getting together with friends, and especially playing games. We played this surprisingly fun murder-mystery game with Brandon and Anne. The game has been discontinued so you can only purchase it on e bay, but it was a blast. It requires a lot of components, and has a story telling aspect to it. At first Tom and I were a bit skeptical, it sounded like a Dungeon and Dragon’s game or something; Anne kept saying it was a Zombie game, which was a definitely turn-off for me, but in the end we both loved it! The next night with Dave and Alana we played Uno Attack Add on. The add on part is Tom’s contribution. It means that if you win you get to add a rule to the game. It keeps the game fresh and entertaining. 

    Tom and I spent ALL of Saturday morning working on the website for Getti’s’ company. We are very proud of it, and I am very proud of all that Tom was able to do. Until you have tried to write code you may not fully appreciate it, but learning the beginnings of code myself I have been amazed. If you want to see it just type in: t-let.com. It is still a bit skeletal, but every thing’s working. I really enjoyed picking out the colors and styling it, and changing fonts.

    Saturday I also attended a Physical Theater class. It was all about embodying emotion. A lady who had studying the Lecoq technique for 3 years in Paris taught it. I was fascinated by the process of breaking about emotion and its effects on the body. What angles does one use when one is jealous, why do we express joy upward? I also got some great acting games to use in directing and teaching later in life. It felt great to act again, it has been such a long time. I find that when I’m not in a show, I become more dramatic in everyday life, which isn’t always a good thing!



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  1. Sounds like you two are busy as always. Getti’s site is looking good. Tom, I really want to learn how to put together a website like that! How do you learn about it? Where do you go? How do you find the time?

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