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  • Before I had children, I would often see mothers, their children looking disheveled, and their own appearance a marked change from the sharp dressers they’d once been and think, “Mmmm, they’re letting themself go.” I assumed an inability to “Stay on top of it” was the cause. Now, in their position, I realize the cause […]

  • Sabbath Day Delight

    This morning as I lay in bed, I found myself asking anew, what is the purpose of the sabbath day? How am I to use this day? Sundays are tricky with small children, a day spent in scripture study and meditation is largely impossible, and even ministering visits can be a challenge. Too often my […]

  • I, am a writer.

    James Clear in Atomic Habits says that the key to lasting habit is identity. When we set goals based on who we want to be, and who we know deep down we are, they stick. I received my first journal from my Dad when I was 8, and the joy of record keeping stuck. In […]

  • Fall Awe

    About a month ago, my oldest sister Sabina sent a group of my sisters a text asking this question: What do you do to offset the tendency of the darker-colder days of fall and winter to pull you down? We all responded with some of the ways we make Fall and Winter special. I shared […]

  • July 9th- Lake Nakuru

    When we planned the trip I was worried the long rides would be a drag, but they were anything but! There was so much to take in. I loved seeing the roadside farms, the groups of school children walking, the various kinds of buildings and homes. And over and over I was amazed by how […]

  • Kenya Part 2: Samburu National Reserve

    After our late night arrival, we awoke early for a delicious breakfast in the lodge and an early morning game drive. (The goal is always to be in the park when it opens at 6:00am) My sisters had warned me it was kind of a wild experience, but I wasn’t prepared for what they meant. […]

  • Kenya Part one: Getting there

    I want to record some of the thoughts and impressions I had on my trip to Kenya. I’m not going to take the time to carefully edit and refine these thoughts, because I’d rather get my thoughts down, and time is limited! Ever since my grandparents served a mission for our church to Zambia and […]

  • I love the writings of Paul. I find them inspiring, relevant, and challenging. My reading this morning included the scripture, “Shine as lights in the world.” It’s included in Paul’s letters to the Philippians, and is surrounded with many comments on joy and rejoicing. (It’s worth noting that his highly positive and uplifting letter was […]

  • I want to do all the things

    I love the newborn stage, because I love all the snuggles, the weekly milestones, the blooming of personality, and the sweetness of infancy. However, I struggle with the stark change in my ability to do- things. Between the sleep disruption that makes my mind blurry, to the one handedness, to the feedings that challenge my […]

  • A tribute to Washington

    Yesterday, we had the privilege of spending the day at Mount Vernon- George and Martha Washington’s home. It was presidents’ day and there were various special events held throughout the day that added to the depth and poignancy of the already symbolic setting. As I was reading up the night before I was shocked to […]