Happy Birthday Erin!

    This weekend was Erin’s 21st birthday and junior recital. All of her family came out from Boston and we were delighted to have been invited into their celebrations. Saturday morning we hosted a waffle breakfast here for her, as that is the tradition in their family. Erin is the oldest of 5 and so we really enjoyed having the energy and happiness of her younger siblings in our home. Her recital was Saturday afternoon. It was wonderful to finally hear her play. I haven’t ever heard her play in the more academic setting and I was very impressed by her passion, spark, and dramatic flare while playing. She played several more contemporary pieces which I really enjoyed. That evening we went to Tom and I’s favorite Indian restaurant- Udupi Cafe. I love Indian food, it is becoming my favorite. Tom took part in the breakfast and recital, but unfortunately, do to the large amount of work he needed to get done for his committee meeting for his PhD and for his class, he had to skip out on the dinner. Sunday was a continuation of the party. After church we all went over to Steve Huff’s to having lunch and we spent the rest of the afternoon, chatting, playing games, eating, playing and listening to music, and eating more. Tom and I have set a goal to only eat dessert on the weekends. We’ve been successful in not eating during the weekdays, but I am feeling like perhaps we need to restrict our intake on the weekends too- it’s a little out of control! 


Gretchen (Erin’s mom), Erin, and Mary – prepping for the waffle breakfast

    Sunday morning as I was leaving for choir the primary president called to tell me she wasn’t feeling well and that perhaps I would need to step in and do sharing time with her, than she asked if Amy had gotten a hold of me, and said that Amy wasn’t going to be there and that I would need to conduct music time. It stressed me out a bit. Fortunately the president came, and music time went amazingly. I wrote the entire second verse of “Tell me the stories of Jesus” on a dry erase board, as they are supposed to learn that song for their program. There are several words in the song that are difficult like “shall, chided, billows, love-light, and phrases like “I shall imagine his blessings.” Anyway after every time through I would invite a child up to erase one word. The children loved it. Most of them are still at the age where they are proud to be reading, so they read through the verse triumphantly and were always so excited to have remembered the erased words. We worked on only one verse the entire music time and by the end, I think every child was singing, even the three year old sunbeams had learned it! Several months ago, Tom and I watched “Bridge to Tarabithia.” Through out the movie there are clips of this music class. I found it neat that during music time all of the kids were united and kind. The teacher would just come in and sort of jam with the kids, singing and playing right along with them. I have tried to incorporate the same strategies in primary. At first the kids were a little surprised when the leader was introducing physical actions into songs, and sort of dancing around with the music, but now they seem to just realize that I’m the crazy one, and happily join in with me. Yesterday even the boys were acting out the songs. The room was so full of energy that when music time finished, people naturally erupted in applause!

    I love working in the primary. This calling has strengthened my testimony that the Bishop is truly inspired when he calls us. I have loved learning about all the children and seeing the light on their faces when you compliment them or even just smile at them in the midst of primary. We challenged all our primary children to learn the articles of faith this year. They have loved the challenge, and at the end of each primary several stand up to the podium and proclaim their believe in God or the atonement. One Sunday, one of our 4 year old sunbeams stood up and rattled through the first and second article of faith without even stopping in between. She was very proud of herself, and the whole primary erupted in wonder. I always leave primary with a great knowledge that the church is true, that God loves children, and that children are amazing.

    On a side note. Sunday morning I was feeling  gross do to all the eating we did the day before. My solution to this feeling is always to eat lots of fiber- in hopes of pushing all the bad away. So I prepared oatmeal with flax and bran in it, and grapefruit for breakfast. Tom happily ate it. Later in sacrament meeting his stomach was growling loudly and repetitively, when I finally poked him in the side, he whispered, “What? It’s all that fiber you fed me!” However, today he prepared breakfast and he was pouring in the bran and flax in bounteous amounts- determined like me, to reverse the effects of yesterday’s binge eating!

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  1. Tell Erin Happy Birthday! I would have loved to see her recital, I am sure it was amazing. We are excited to see you guys next month!

  2. I was sick last weekend, so unfortunately wasn’t there…but I saw a picture of her dress, oh my goodness! I think it was the most elegant recital dress I’ve ever seen!
    It was nice to see you guys this weekend! Let us know when you’re up for a Settlers Challenge!! 🙂

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