Quadruple the Ginger!

    Tom took me to this great Chinese Import store a week or two ago. It was a bit of an other worldly experience, it was so authentic, but I picked up so crystallized ginger and ever since I have been dieing to make something ginger. That’s my main motivation is cooking, I buy one ingredient and then figure out what I can make with it. So ginger it was. I found a recipe from my new Vegetarian Times magazine (Tom bought me a subscription for a secret gift- and I adore it!) for apricot-ginger muffins. And then I found these triple the ginger cookies on allrecipes.com. On Friday Tom got stuck at work so I invited Erin over and we baked. The cookies were the winners in the end, the muffins just didn’t have enough flavor they needed a dollop of fresh apricot jam in the middle or something. But these cookies are out of this world. I have added my changes in parenthesis. They might be my new favorite! Let me know what you think.


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