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  • Name and Blessing: Anders Cyril Foutz

    While we were in Phoenix we blessed Anders. In our church infants are brought before the church and given a name and a special blessing a few months after they are born. As I was thinking about the tradition the morning of, my mind turned to the Savior and how his parents took him to […]

  • A collection of unconnected thoughts

    After months of debate and diliberation (with myself) I finally decided to take advantage of the Black Friday/Cyper Week sales and buy an upright freezer. I hate spending money, especially lots of it on one thing and went back and forth with whether this was a wise choice. But in the spirit of provident living, […]

  • I'm just a toddler in the realm of the Eternities

    Feeding pigeons, squirrels, and blue jays. Yesterday afternoon, I had one of the most lovely afternoons I’ve had in a long time. I went over to a woman’s home from my church who had mentioned she had some strawberry plants and gladiolus bulbs that I could have. I figured I would be there fifteen minutes, […]

  • What kind of Mother would you like to be?

    I’ve probably commented on this conversation before, but for some reason it returns to me over and over again. Tom said “Kjirsti, I hope you will choose what kind of mother you want to be, not just be like so and so or so and so.” I contested, “It’s not that easy. . .” He […]

  • Brain dump

    We knew subletting would be hard. Well, it is. It’s hard to not have a “place” for things. It’s hard to feel constantly on edge that your increasingly rebellious and active two year old is going to do irreversible damage to someone else’s furniture/hardwood floors/walls. I feel constantly confused, out of place, stressed, and uncomfortable. […]

  • Twenty-seven

    Happy birthday from my nephews Dallin, Bryce, and neice Claire! Yesterday, I turned 27. I can’t say the age feels particularly significant. Though, its placement in the year seems poignant- considering the changes that are sweeping over us. I guess 27 is a more appropriate age to learn to drive in Seattle traffic, to take […]

  • Seattle

    Sorry for being MIA for so long. Our internet was down for a week (grr) and then the blog was down, and then we left out of town, then we had to prep for three showings. . . you get the picture. Needless to say, I have SO much to say. Please allow me to […]

  • Success

    I struggle with the concept of success. I want desparately to be a “successful” person, but often I get confused with what that really means. Too often I get wrapped up in capitalism’s measure of success: income. Today, I read a definition that resonated with me. From W. Stephen Smith’s book “The Naked Voice:”  Success […]

  • A jumbled rambling Valentines Day post

    Ready for the oven Today was truly a love-filled day for us. It started out with a relaxed playful morning with Scotland. We jumped on the bed, raced around the house, wrestled while he got dressed, and enjoyed heart-shaped pancakes. Then we went on a walk/run with my besty Claire. She sat down and played […]

  • Interview Tour de West: Moxee, WA

    After our adventurous and aquatic day in Portland we drove to Moxee, WA. The first few days we spent time with my two younger sisters, helped my Mom around the house, worked on a secretive project for my Dad’s 60th birthday celebration (more on that later) and enjoyed their “ranch.” Soon after we arrived Brigette […]