A jumbled rambling Valentines Day post

Ready for the oven
Today was truly a love-filled day for us. It started out with a relaxed playful morning with Scotland. We jumped on the bed, raced around the house, wrestled while he got dressed, and enjoyed heart-shaped pancakes. Then we went on a walk/run with my besty Claire. She sat down and played blocks with Scotland for a bit before and after- you know you have a TRUE friend when. . . 
Then Scotter got to go play with his best friends Cody and Jen while I helped my grandma run a bunch of errands. We wrapped up our morning of shopping with lunch at Five Guys. Afterwards, heading home for a LONG overdue nap for Scotland. I mopped and chatted with Sabina. I was delighted by Tom’s early arrival home. He was on long call today but got to come home at 5:30! What?! What a sweet Valentine treat. He worked on the blog for a bit (sorry it’s been down for so long) while I finished up some work. (Our realtor e-mailed today asking if she could bring a buyer by this weekend- so. . . I was cleaning). I took a nap- a rare luxury (still trying to recover from the flu I had earlier this week). Scotter woke up around 6:00 and we set to work making sugar cookies. Scotter and I made the dough yesterday so we just enjoyed rolling them out, baking, and frosting them today. Scotland loved the cookie cutters, but mostly just enjoyed eating the dough. I used the pastry cloth Adalee gave me for Christmas- which was awesome! By the time we had wrapped up the cookies it was 7:00 and dark. I wanted to deliver plates to the neighbors, but of course no one was home. Grr! I think we’re just not meant to deliver treats to neighbors. Everytime we attempt to, no one is home, it’s pitch dark, I’m cranky because I need to eat, and what started as a fun-filled charitable idea turns into a frustrating grumbling mess.


While I was finishing up the cookies Tom started on dinner: homemade pizza- he made the sauce and hand threw some Alesci’s pizza dough (Thanks to Mary for the tip! Fresh unbaked dough 4/$1 – unbelievable!) Realizing we were out of cheese we headed over to Heinen’s to grab some. (I’m afraid Frugal February has mostly backfired on me this month.)  The finished product was spectacular, some of the best pizza I’ve had, ever. Let’s just say it, Tom’s a tremendous cook. (I’m sort of envious that his food always turns out better than mine.)

We called Brielle to sing Happy Birthday, she and Scotter grinned goofily at each other over Facetime, and I beamed seeing my sweet little niece so clearily thrilled with all the attention her birthday had won her. 
We laughed through dinner, Scotland entertaining us with his silly smiles and goofy eyes. Then we headed up stairs to put him to bed- playing games, laughing, tickling and laughing some more. We rocked and read books, we said prayers, we sang songs, he went to sleep happily. 
This wasn’t an unusual day for us. Looking back over it, I’m overwhelmed by the beauty of our life. So simple, so joyful, so full of love.

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