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  • From now on- Tom's the Lasagna maker!

    Tom and I have been talking about making lasagna for three weeks. The first week we realized we didn’t have the noodles, the second week we bought the noodle, and the third week we made it. We’ll Tom made it, I didn’t do anything. Tom is the kind of cook who doesn’t feel the need […]

  • Luscious Lentils!

    Tom and I watched the Alton Brown episode on Lentils and thought this soup recipe looked good, I made it earlier this week and it was not only good it was spectacular. Make it- it will change your life. Okay not really, but it will spice it up! Don’t skip the coriander it is a […]

  • Consecration thy Performance

    The title of this talk rang out to me, as a result of the obvious connection of “Performance” in my life. It is an incredible talk, the kind that really can not be taken in in one read. Maxwell always leaves me truly inspired, if not overwhelmed. Here were some of my favorite quotes: “Brothers […]

  • Biking through the Beautiful

    With our piano came Shani’s generous gift of her bike! I was very excited to get it. Finally Tom and I can go on all those bike-rides we’ve thought up over the years. Yesterday, we biked to Miller’s Homemade Ice cream Stand. It is a good distance away, probably 10 miles, the perfect biking distance. […]

  • The BIG five

    So, I have never been tagged before. Today I was innocently reading Audrey’s blog when WHAM she tagged me. So here I go- fulfilling the dutiesassociated. Here is my Big Five: Five things I was doing 10 years ago: 1. Finishing my last year of Primary 2. performing in “The Sound of Music” 3. Playing […]

  • Mamie- and example of excellence

    Today after church we and the other LDS students went over to the Crawford’s for lunch. Mamie, a steadfast amazing woman, is a brilliant cook and a very intelligent person. Here were my observations from the day: As we drove into their neighborhood I thought back on our visit there last year. I remembered her […]

  • Cheers to our first viewer!

    I am pleased to announce that our blog has had its first outside commentator! Leave it to Mary to fulfill that role- are you my sister or what?! Thanks. We love you.

  • Lessons learned from what's left

    While running this morning I noticed that a few doors down from us, where “Sale” signs had been posted for a week, a long line of people awaited the reported 9:00 opening. A few days previous there had been a beautiful cabinet displayed outside- advertisement. When I returned home, I saw people leaving the house- […]

  • Firsts

    ” I suppose the sensations, stirred by those first sounds, first sights, are felt but once; treasure them, Memory; seal them in urns, and keep them in safe niches!” -Charlotte Bronte “The Professor” I have enjoyed a list of many firsts this summer. First house, first bed, first kitchen, first pot, first time making scones, […]

  • Cooking in my Kitchen

    I finished painting our kitchen this morning. The fresh white backdrop is so much cleaner and brighter than the previous yellow and brown and green floral print. I nailed up my little hand-painted plate, and I just love it! I feel a great affection for the kitchen. I never realized how much I would enjoy […]