” I suppose the sensations, stirred by those first sounds, first sights, are felt but once;

treasure them, Memory; seal them in urns, and keep them in safe niches!”

-Charlotte Bronte “The Professor”

I have enjoyed a list of many firsts this summer. First house, first bed, first kitchen, first pot, first time making scones, first time. . .
There is something so crucial in cataloging those primal sensations and retaining them for times many years down the road when everything seems redundant. Perhaps part of being childlike is learning to find the joy of ones “first” – everytime!

One response to “Firsts”

  1. Amen. That’s one think I love about you, Kjirsti! Not only are you excited by everyday activities, but you also take the time to discover and relish in new ones. Everything is more fun when you’re around. Can’t tell you how much I miss you.

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