Mamie- and example of excellence

Today after church we and the other LDS students went over to the Crawford’s for lunch. Mamie, a steadfast amazing woman, is a brilliant cook and a very intelligent person. Here were my observations from the day:
As we drove into their neighborhood I thought back on our visit there last year. I remembered her seriously gorgeous custom kitchen and thought that no matter where we end up living we will always have the opportunity of making it ours. I cringe at the thought of living in a residential neighborhood where your neighbors house looks just like yours, however life has taught me that that is likely the inevitable- welcome to America. However, experience has also taught me that even though we all look alike in general structure we all have unique eyes and can change our hair color! I excited at the idea of owning my own home someday and making it an expression of who Tom and I are.
Mamie spent many years of her life pursuing the art of cooking, as I previously mentioned she has an incredible kitchen. For example, Tom looking at the industrial stove asks:
“What do you do with this unit with the big hole?”
“Oh I move it to the front and place my wok in it!”
She has one of those huge cabinet fridges, all copper pans, and every specialty device and ingredient you might ever need. She grinds her own nutmeg, and grows her herbs fresh. This woman can cook!
Well after the art of cooking was mastered she didn’t sit around bored, rather she took up gardening. She now has this stunning yard, though small it contains all sorts of vibrant plants and trees. Remember, she lives in a little residential neighborhood and her yard is not great, but it is beautiful. She was very wise with her use of space and utilizes curves and levels to give the impression of expanse. She uses a lot of pots. For example she has these hanging pots all along her wood fence, which gives her garden another 5 feet! She has a relaxing pot adorned patio, and a fountain and pond all in her idi-bidi back yard, and yet nothing looks cramped. Again, I felt inspired, and less limited by the likely hood of our living on small lots. Might I also mention that she knew not only the lay man terms for the flowers but their latin names.
I hope that, like Mamie, I can always seek excellence in whatever I do.

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