Biking through the Beautiful

With our piano came Shani’s generous gift of her bike! I was very excited to get it. Finally Tom and I can go on all those bike-rides we’ve thought up over the years.
Yesterday, we biked to Miller’s Homemade Ice cream Stand. It is a good distance away, probably 10 miles, the perfect biking distance. The route is through beautiful country roads, we enjoyed discussing the houses, and commenting on the yards and open fields. Unfortunately several of the roads were busy and, as is typical in Ohio, had little shoulder, requiring Tom to ride behind me. So we couldn’t talk as much as I would have liked, but we still had a lovely time. It was a gorgeous fall day, chilly enough to require a sweater but sunny enough to be gorgeous. The ice cream was as to be expected- Delicious! Key Lime was both of our choices this time.
I fell a little more in love with Tom on that ride. He looked so handsome on his svelte road bike. His long lines matched the lines of the bike and they seemed like one. His confident smiles accompanied by the wind blowing through his thick hair and the rosy-ing of his cheeks left a vivid impression on my mind- of how good it is to be young and in love!

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