Consecration thy Performance

The title of this talk rang out to me, as a result of the obvious connection of “Performance” in my life. It is an incredible talk, the kind that really can not be taken in in one read. Maxwell always leaves me truly inspired, if not overwhelmed. Here were some of my favorite quotes:

“Brothers and sisters, our individual worth is already divinely established as “great”; it does not fluctuate like the stock market.”

It’s easy to feel that we are more loved by the Lord when he is blessing us. However, we are always loved equally my the Lord- even in trial and hardship.



“The surrender of the mind is actually a victory, because it then introduces us to God’s stretching and “higher” ways!”

I love this quote because it is so un-PC. Surrendering ones mind is exactly what Oberlin fights against. If our faith is sufficient however, we will feel comfortable giving our mind to one more competent than we.



“If we desire fullness, we cannot hold back part!”

This is a good summation of his talk. He instructs us to ask in our prayers, is it this that I am holding back. What is it that I hold back from the Lord, that I claim as my own. I have to admit last years vocal struggles taught me in a very forceful way that things I thought were mine weren’t at all. I have little control over my body- it is not mine.  What else am I holding back? Do I hide behind habits that I claim has being “part of my character?”


How grateful I am for talks such as this that raise my thoughts to a new level, and challenge me to become more.



Source: Neal A. Maxwell, “Consecrate Thy Performance,” Liahona, Jul 2002,  39–42



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  1. Dearest Kjirsti,
    “If we desire fullness, we cannot hold back part!” I feel like this is a theme for you. I know this is something you have thought a lot about. You are such an inspiration to me in this arena. I wish I had more of your strength and ability to turn my life over to the Lord. I’ll have to take a close look at this talk. This is also a specialty subject of Maxwell. He often talked about discipleship and turning our lives over to the Lord. Sometimes this seems to me more and more difficult each year. Maybe it’s because I’m more aware of how much I keep a hold on my life. Anyway, like you said, good food for thought and motivation to be better.

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