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  • Happy Valentines Day!

            There were a lot of “Happy Single-Awareness Day” signs around campus yesterday. I think the relabeling is funny, and yet when I look around and see some of these people who have dedicated there lives so completely to themselves and their art, at times I wonder if they wouldn’t be happier with […]

  • Athens Trip

        Last weekend we visited with Trevor and Lauren and Bryce in Athens, Ohio. It had been awhile since we had seen them, and Tom had never been to Athens, and I had never seen their new house. We had a wonderful time. Trevor and Lauren, despite being sick themselves, scheduled a delightful weekend for […]

  • 300 level courses

    I didn’t check thoroughly enough and off a whim decided to audit a class called “The Zen of Buddhism.” It sounded like an interesting topic, and as Tom and I hope to some day visit China I thought it would be informative. I arrived, a bit late, because the school’s website was down and I […]

  • An audition- a new semester

        I started out the semester by skipping the first day of school. Well actually, I had an audition, and I didn’t have any classes, but either way I wasn’t here. Monday I had my Cleveland Institute of Music audition, and I am happy to report that it went really well. Tom and I arrived […]

  • In memory of our Prophet

          We just found out that President Hinckley passed away today. We wanted to post a picture in memory of him. President Hinckley is “my prophet” in a way. He is the first one I have significant memories of. He called Tom on his mission. His optimism and spunk was contagious and his dedication […]

  • Amazing!

    We had a fun time this afternoon going through Kjirsti’s photojournals of her childhood.  It’s incredible to me how little I actually know about her.  She’s full of stories, surprises and hidden talents.  It caused me to wonder how little I really know about all the people around me, even though I spend time with […]

  • A picture of the hair- and pull aparts

        Last night, Tom called to say he was coming home, earlier than I expected. I told him I would be teaching a lesson. So he volunteered to pick up dinner on the way home. Pizza he asked? or possibly Indian food. I told him to surprise me. I asked if I should make anything […]

  • Report from home

    I have been home for nearly a week now, and really enjoyed it. I have one more day, and then I head out for home on Wednesday. My favorite thing about coming home is seeing development. Children especially change so rapidly physically, mentally, and socially.   Dantzi seems to have aged a lot. She is […]

  • Tom's still alive!

    I know, I haven’t blogged on here in a while; Kjirsti is doing such a great job keeping everyone updated, I haven’t felt like I had much to add. However, much to my loss, she is out of town for the week visiting the fam, so it’s my turn. The biggest news for me is […]

  • Petersen's cliches

    If you have ever spent a considerable about of time with a Petersen, you may have noticed that we are deliquents when it comes to cliches. We were raised by a father who loves and readily uses cliches, but somehow we never retained a memory clear enough to ever remember one correctly. For years I […]