A picture of the hair- and pull aparts

    Last night, Tom called to say he was coming home, earlier than I expected. I told him I would be teaching a lesson. So he volunteered to pick up dinner on the way home. Pizza he asked? or possibly Indian food. I told him to surprise me. I asked if I should make anything to go with it. He thought for a minute and than meekly said, “Bread?!!” I laughed knowing bread didn’t go with either choice, but his sweet, ” I love your bread” won me over, and I agreed. I made two loaves of whole wheat bread, and used the rest to make orange pull aparts. (With juice from the oranges Audrey and Derek gave us.) It was my first time making pull aparts and I had a lot of fun. Tom made the sauce for on top and it turned out delicious, he added some lemon to give it a bit more tang!


    Also evident in this picture is the fact that I cut my hair when I got home, or I guess in my case I should clarify, I had my hair cut. Yup I paid to get it done this time, (because it was only $10!!!). I passed Shani on the road, and I commented on her new hair do. She told me about her hair dresser mentioning that she was great but also cheap. I told her I really need to get mine cut as my hair had grown out long and was past my shoulder blades. She suggested I try her lady out. I decided to do it. A couple days later, I jumped out of the shower called this lady up and with in 45 minutes was down there getting it cut. When I came in she asked me what I wanted. I really hadn’t thought about it seriously, but I said, “Well, I’ve been thinking I would like to try out bangs, and I think I want it cut just past my shoulder, and I’ve been thinking I need short layers.” I thought my suggestions were just that, suggestions, however she took them seriously and as soon as I finished- WACK there went 6 inches of my hair- Gone! At that point I remained quiet and watched as more and more fell from my head. She went along cutting confidently and my hair got got shorter and  shorter as she added more and more layers. My stomach was churning a bit, but I was determined to try something new. I want to be the kind of person who can change things up and not get stuck in a rut, so I just let it happen. The hardest part was when she took her razor and taking a big patch of hair at the front of my face cut these short little diagonal bangs. I thought: “There’s no hiding these!” When she finished, she blow dried it and then curled it. That was when I about flipped. She took the top layers, and curled it right into my cheeks, but left the rest mainly straight. She finished and asked what I thought. I said it was fun, different, paid her and left. Driving home I was very nervous, what if it was terrible. What if it took all day to fix. What if, what if. As soon as I went home I went directly into the bathroom and using water calmed down the prominent curls and ratted a bit here and there to give myself some body, I flipped out the bottom, and made a few other adjustments. Looking again I relaxed- the haircut would work. I approved.

It has still taken a bit of getting used to, but I have enjoyed having something new to work with.  It actually doesn’t take that long to do, but it kind of has to be done. If that makes sense. After my silly stresses, I really like it, and luckily so did Tom!

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  1. I love that you used our oranges in another, creative way. They were so yummy weren’t they? Please add fresh, yummy citrus to your list of reasons why you guys will move here after Tom finishes school.
    I love the haircut too. I think it looks really cute. Brooke gave me bangs a couple of months ago, but I couldn’t handle them due to exercising and them falling in my face, so they are gone now. I’m not a bang girl I guess.

  2. Kjirst,
    I love you hair! I’m still needing to get mine done, but I don’t think I can handle bangs. Tell me if they bug you are if you feel like they are always in your eyes, or if you have to constantly push them out of your face. Thanks for your pictures and memoires of home. They were touching. THey love you so very much. It is hard to be so far from them, huh. I’m wondering when a good time would be to call and talk about some quesitons I have regarding photo storing and photoshop beginning. I have less kids during the day, but I don’t know what your schedule is. I love your energy and love of life. Thanks for who you are.

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