In memory of our Prophet


    We just found out that President Hinckley passed away today. We wanted to post a picture in memory of him. President Hinckley is “my prophet” in a way. He is the first one I have significant memories of. He called Tom on his mission. His optimism and spunk was contagious and his dedication and endurance was inspiring. We will always remember him and his powerful influence on the church as a whole and our lives individually.
Several months ago our Institute teacher, Sister Stay, mentioned that she had started to count all of the things that President Hinckley had developed or started in the church, the list was endless. I have always felt close to President Hinckley, always wished I would have a chance to meet him so I could at least attempt to express my admiration and gratitude. That was not to be, but it doesn’t matter. Somehow I know my prayers have reached him. I guess I feel a desire to express a knowledge that he is a divine man. A man called of God. A man who communes with God. A man who is God’s mouthpiece. There are prophets today who lead and guide, and they are there for everyone. President Hinckley has helped guide me in countless decisions in my life. His teachings that women should get the best and most education they can helped me decide to go to Oberlin. His message to accept responsibility and rejoice in family and marriage, helped me decide to marry Tom when I did. His encouragement that we accept all and love all, has helped me see in my peers at Oberlin, brothers and sisters that are more similar to me that is immediately noticeable. His love of literature and continual quotations from books has spurred my recent desire to read more. His practice of sitting alone in a dark room and listening to classical music for an hour, has given me a reverence for music. His loving, smiling, witty relationship with his wife will always stand forth in my mind as an example of marriage as it should be. His zeal and optimism and of course his endurance are admirable to say the least. I will never forget the talk when he said that he felt he should tell a little about his health, because he belonged to the people of the world. It reminded me of King Benjamin in the Book of Mormon, a Prophet/King who worked along side his people. He was at the service of kingdom, just as President Hinckley was to us. I love him. I will always remember him and cherish that memory.

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  1. Kjirsti my dearest friend, thank you for your post. I think it’s the most fitting and beautiful dedication I’ve read or heard regarding the passing of the prophet. He did so much as an administrator in the church: missionary pamphlets, the temple video, the conference center . . . etc., – the endless list you hinted at already – but I think you hit the nail on the head. His greatest influence is found in how each of us have changed our lives and come closer to God through his words and example. To add to your list, I’ll never forget the first time he gave his “Be” talk. He summed up so succinctly what God asks of us.

  2. Dear Kjirsti,
    Your “twin” little sister much have some of the same admiration for President Hinckley that you do. When we heard of his passing I told Dantzel that President Hinckley had died. She looked at me with a blank look and simply walked to her bedroom or so thought. A few minutes latter I hear deep sobs from her room and I went in to see what was the matter. She was broken hearted. She just cried and cried.
    Today (Jan 31, 08) she came in from riding the horses and she was again sobbing. I thought she must have fallen from the horse so I picked her up and asked her what was wrong. She just said “President Hinckley” and cried on. We talked about the plan of Salvation and that I was sure that President Hinckley was alright and was happy to be working a full speed agaiin with his beloved wife again at his side.
    I share your love for this marvelous man and wonderful Prophet of God. A Prophet who cared for the people and worked until he was “tired to the bone” to be out among the people and to bless them, to bring temples closer to the poor, to bring opportunities for education to the poor, to bring encouragement to all. How we will miss him.

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