Petersen's cliches

If you have ever spent a considerable about of time with a Petersen, you may have noticed that we are deliquents when it comes to cliches. We were raised by a father who loves and readily uses cliches, but somehow we never retained a memory clear enough to ever remember one correctly. For years I thought the phrase went “nip them in the butt.” I am always saying things like “hit the hammer on the head.” So, today when I was observing Dantzel’s violin lesson, I had to laugh when she loudly proclaimed that the third line of her piece was so easy, in fact it was “a piece of meat!”

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  1. Kjirst,
    Very funny. Craig and I laughed because you certainly hit the hammer on the butt with this one. I wonder why we struggle so much with this concept. I can’t believe how many times I catch myself mixing them up. Maybe because I never really internalized what the phrases meant. Maybe I should explain them more thoroughly to my kids should I ever actually use one correctly.Love you

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