Happy Valentines Day!



    There were a lot of “Happy Single-Awareness Day” signs around campus yesterday. I think the relabeling is funny, and yet when I look around and see some of these people who have dedicated there lives so completely to themselves and their art, at times I wonder if they wouldn’t be happier with someone else in their life. I know I sure am!

    Tom and I had a lovely Valentine’s Day. Tom was in charge of it this year. He arrived home from work, with all of the fixings to make chicken curry, with basmati brown rice, as well as Chocolate souffle, and chocolate ganache with ice cream. He was so sweet to find some good recipes and make sure we had the ingredients we needed. It all turned out delicious and we were excited to have another ethnic dish to add to our repertoire. We had a bottle of sparkling white grape juice that we bought several months ago because it was cheap, so we pulled that out and using the champagne classes Cassie and Adi gave us for our wedding, we had a really nice romantic dinner in the comfy confines of our home.

    Tom also bought me a pot full of budding daffodils. I always considered it a test of how well a guy knew me by whether he bought me live or cut flowers. While cut flowers serve their purpose and I certainly wouldn’t turn them down- I prefer live.  Tom said that Giant Eagle was almost completely sold out of their flowers. Most of their cut flower arrangements were gone, except for a few stragglers, but he said, the live plants were there in abundance- his assumption, that guys simply didn’t understand that those green stems would eventually have gorgeous blooms.

    I have to admit I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day. As commercial as it has become, Valentines serves a beautiful purpose, to remind us of those we love and to give us an opportunity to show it. Celebrations are always fun, Tom and I try to have them as often as possible. In fact yesterday Tom was saying that we almost have a big holiday every month of the year; only March, August, and September were without hurrah, so we decided we’ll just make sure and have our children in one of those three months. (wink!)

    I loved hearing about Sabina and Tali’s and Mom and Dantzi and Adalee’s sugar cookie making extravaganzas. I wish I could have joined you. I have yet to make any sugar cookies myself, and I am feeling the need! Let me know which recipes you liked. I love you all!

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  1. Hey, we’d love to have your chicken curry recipe if it was good. That’s what I had this week and it was so great!

  2. Hi Kjirsti (and Tom!)
    I just wanted to say hello since I come by your blog once in awhile 🙂 I’m impressed you had successful curry! In my last curry attempt, I made the mistake of thinking that more curry paste would mean spicier curry…instead it just made the consistency like glue! Ben was a champ and smiled thought it anyway, haha. It’s nice to read your blog even though I don’t see you around the con much! Have a nice evening 🙂

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