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  • The Christmas of Bows

    Last week Tom and I went to Goodwill and I bought a big spool of red velvet-like ribbon. The type of ribbon they make those big Christmas bows out of. My plan was to dec out the WHOLE house with it- here are the results: Here we have featured our bows, and our 2 dollar […]

  • Audition material

    I had my last Oberlin Opera audition on Tuesday. Unfortunately, I was dreadfully ill, so the audition went horridly. I had I sung the rep the day before and it went really well. I have included the recordings: Drusilla Excerpt Fortuna Excerpt

  • Our first Thanksgiving:

    In many ways this doesn’t feel like Tom and I’s first thanksgiving as a couple as I have done Thanksgiving with him the last two years, however it did seem like “my first” thanksgiving, in the sense of my being the organizer. We planned on invited two couples over and splitting the dishes amongst us. […]

  • Happy Thanksgiving!

    We are grateful for you!

  • We've got our grapefruit, do you have yours?

    Bring the boil: 1 cup sugar and 1 cup water. (Dad’s suggestion- 1 cup of sugar and 1 cup of water will not make enough appetizer to last through Thanksgiving not alone supplement the turkey sandwiches for the next two weeks.)Add: 1 can grapefruit, mashed, (Fresh grapefruit is better and provides more bonding experience) 1 […]

  • I can't complain

    This fall has been perhaps the most beautiful of my four years here. It has stayed warm far longer than usual, and as a result the leaves have lingered in their colorful coats.

  • "I'm in love with a wonderful guy!"

    This week is opera production week, which means I have had rehearsals from 7:30-11:00 every night from last Thursday to this Sunday. Tom and I often decide what we want to eat for the week’s dinners on Saturdays so we make sure we have the ingredients we need. This week, I confessed to Tom I […]

  • Gigs!

    I am happy to report two new singing opportunities. I auditioned to sing “Come Unto Him” from Handel’s Messiah, and got the part for Dec. 9th for a sing-along Messiah, and then I will be singing the four recits for another church the next weekend the 15th! I’m really excited about it. I adore singing […]

  • Bog update:

    The bog is gone. It turns out the septic pipe broke, so sewer water crept up through the ground into our basement. Foul, I know. But, we have a fabulous landlady and she fixed it straight away. Now, thanks to many bottles of bleach, the smell is gone!

  • I am a femininist- a staunch one!

     I just attended an art history class about feminism in art.   I came away overwhelmed with feelings and new convictions. Namely, I feel a greater desire to be a mother. I feel passionately that mothers are overlooked in the world. That their role is demeaned and considered menial. The class was decisive in their opinion […]