The Christmas of Bows

Last week Tom and I went to Goodwill and I bought a big spool of red velvet-like ribbon. The type of ribbon they make those big Christmas bows out of. My plan was to dec out the WHOLE house with it- here are the results:
Chirstmas bows
Here we have featured our bows, and our 2 dollar target lights that Tom aesthetically arranged on top!
Christmas Decor
Here we have bows featured on our windows this time, a Christmas wreath-like thing we bought at Goodwill above the piano, candles that Adi, Jeremy, Cass, and Doug gave us as wedding presents on the piano, and a little red (hand towel) that I was given by perhaps Adalee last Christmas, underneath the gold candles. You can also see fabric laid over the table that I bought for a curtain in the kitchen but never made, and the Mums I bought for Thanksgiving, that are dying due to a red spider mite infestation. (GRRR!)
Tom's with Lemon merinque pie
Finally, we have feature a handsome man in a red tropical T-shirt, perfect for the holiday season. He is getting ready to devour our first lemon meringue pie! Yup. We made it Friday to take to a lunch date with the Fosters. It looked gorgeous, but we realized as we were driving over there that it was jiggling from side to side. Some how we either didn’t cook it long enough or cool it enough or something because the lemon portion didn’t solidify so when we cut into it we had a runny mess. But it tasted delicious! We used the Alton Brown recipe. I was ecstatic about his method of making and rolling out pie crusts. He actually uses a skirt gun for the water that way you don’t get too much. Then he chills it in a large ziploc bag and then when he goes to roll it out he cuts the sides of the bag and rolls it in the bag and then just lifts up the top to lie it in the pan. It was seamless and allowed for a flakier crust without the distress of getting it stuck on the counter countless times.

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