I am a femininist- a staunch one!

 I just attended an art history class about feminism in art.   I came away overwhelmed with feelings and new convictions. Namely, I feel a greater desire to be a mother. I feel passionately that mothers are overlooked in the world. That their role is demeaned and considered menial. The class was decisive in their opinion that women who choose motherhood, do so as a result of weakness, societal pressure, or a lack of drive. The class left me frustrated and tense. The exact opposite of the peace and inspiration I found in Sister Beck’s talk about Motherhood/Womanhood. It made me think of Dad’s comment that people can often spin off developing arguments that sound true, if baseline truth is never established. This was my feeling. With out the truth of the divinity of motherhood, the debate is lost.
I  consider myself a feminist, a staunch feminist. I am the sort of female who doesn’t want to be a male. I am proud of my femininity and the accompanying nurturing, creative, strong willed, devoted, peace-wanting, selfless, intelligent, spiritual tendencies.  I think femininity should be valued. I think it should be paid as highly and revered as respectfully as masculinity. There is beauty in difference. Sameness is boring. I think women should fight this movement to become men- and be proud of their God given gender.
I will become a mother to because of societies influence, because by all means my peers are not encourage child birth. Rather, I desire motherhood, because I know it will promote growth unachievable without it. I desire the humility and selflessness that comes in devoting ones self to another.  I desire the oneness that is a potential between Tom and I, as well as us and God. Motherhood is the surest step towards a Christlike life- which is my greatest desire!

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  1. You didn’t speak up? That doesn’t sound like you. Things like that always get my blood boiling especially because I bet almost every student in that class has never been a mother right? Yeah, easy to demean something you’ve never done before. Sadly, Sis. Beck’s talk is generating a lot of negative attention from women in our own church. My friend sent me an article from the Deseret News stating how women are upset about what she said. Hello? Have they not been hearing the same stuff I have since I was little? I think that when people feel guilty (working moms) they feel the need to lash out and justify themselves. How sad that most of the women that have to work because of divorce or lazy husbands don’t usually get a voice, because all of the women in that position that I’ve heard from would love to be at home, but can’t. Wait till you have kids and see how much of a sacrifice it is and you’ll never be silent again.

  2. The only reason I didn’t speak up was because the comments were supposed to be based on an article that was assigned. As I am auditing the class I didn’t read the article, and therefore could not base my feelings on it. Most of the professors questions were stated, “What did Nochlin think about this aspect of female artists?” “Did Nochlin (the author of the article) think women had the potential to be great artists? ” I couldn’t answer those questions.

  3. ahhh, now I understand. Still stinks that you hadn’t read it, so you could disagree with what he believes if he’s anti-mother.

  4. Kjirsti,
    I love you and love your passion for what you believe. Save this blog article and put it in your scriptures to read after one of the many “not so glorious” mothering days that will also accompany the precious ones. Love you

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