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  • Thoughts

    I’m realizing more and more that in many areas of life style and practicality compete. The balance can be tricky. White cupboards are stylish but they aren’t practical. High heels are stylish by they aren’t practical. Keeping fabric and “stuff” for crafts can be practical, but makes the style of minimalism difficult. Decorative pillows are […]

  • Stream of Conscience

    I think it’s easy to focus so much on extra-curricular activities that children come to see their greatest strengths as dance, music, sport, leaving them with the debacle later in life of what to pursue. There’s always the standard options: go to med school, become a lawyer, become a teacher, but what about those less […]

  • Lessons from the Temple

    Yesterday, Tom and I attended the Temple. The week leading up I had been feeling rather disgruntled with myself. My weaknesses were so blaring I couldn’t see my strengths. I carried these feelings of inadequacy to the temple, and at first they were only added to as once again I fought unsuccessfully to stay awake. […]

  • Thoughts

    It’s gray and chilly (52 degrees), I haven’t written a blog post in over a week, my baby’s asleep, and my mind is a racing. Be warned this might be a long one.  Fall: I’ve been looking forward to fall for a couple of weeks now. Mostly for silly reasons. The bulk of Scotland’s wardrobe […]

  • Labor Day Weekend with Myrtle

    Scotland and Myrtle a few months ago  A blog I read mentioned that fall begins in two weeks and then it’s the holiday season and the year is up. His quick way of rolling up the year was unsettling to me, perhaps for that reason we’re making the most of our extended weekend. Yesterday, we […]

  • Charisma

    I recently read this article from the NYTimes. Zachary Woolfe makes the argument that charisma is the spark that great performers have that can’t be explained. The article left me wondering- Do I have charisma? (Here I go tooting my own horn, but this is my private blog, you all love me right?) I think […]

  • Testimony and Calling

    I’ve been thinking a lot about what I am ‘supposed’ to be doing right now in my life. Last Sunday when our Relief Society president gave a lesson on moral excellence I felt a twinge of realization- that I wasn’t living up to the standards God has set for me. I’ve used “I have a […]

  • Sleep

    I can’t really complain when it comes to sleep. It’s the first question most people ask or chide when they see my young baby- “Getting any sleep?!” I usually respond, “Actually, yeah, he’s a good sleeper!” But I’ve had my share of nights when his call comes three- four times. I still haven’t quite decided […]

  • Writing

    It’s nearly midnight. Scotland will be up needing to eat in two and a half hours. Church will come early tomorrow. But I can’t help it, I need to write. About a month ago, while reading “The Happiness Project” I had this light bulb moment. She suggested that one figure out their true passion by […]

  • My mind is full of words

    My mind is full of wordsthey float around      connecting.They want out. My mind is always writingsentences, phrases, titles        ideas stamped waiting to be fleshed out. My mind loves silencewhen it can race       creating. I am a writer, if only in my mind.