One of the perks of moving to the west is that we’re a whole lot closer to family.  Originally we thought we were going to be moving to Utah- minutes from Brigette and an hour from Sabina. Being so far from them was the hardest part of moving to Seattle. You can only imagine my delight, then, when both sisters said they were coming to visit!
Sabina came out for the move weekend. She was immensely helpful, thought I felt a little bad that we weren’t able to just have more fun. (Wait who am I kidding, tearing down walls is fun, right?!)

For our last night in Wallingford we visited the famous creamery- Molly Moon. And boy was it good! Salted carmel and melted chocolate ice cream topped with roasted hazelnuts, cream, and a chukar cherry. Why did we move away from this place? (P.S. Please tell me it’s just the perspective of this photo and my head isn’t twice as big as Sabina’s?)

Living up the Wallingford night life!

We also got to treat her to Tutta bella, a favorite pizzeria.

We hit up IKEA, and did our traditional Goodwill run, as well as a few other shopping trips to “get us settled.” You know, buying a microwave, and shelving to hold socks- those sorts of exciting home-owner purchases. And then, because no gathering with Sabina would be complete without a home reno project, we tore down a wall. Why not?

My dad lent us his sawsall for the week which was AMAZING. It made the project so much faster. Oh and that dark blue wall you see- we primed that, along with a dark purple wall in Scotland’s room.

It was fun to hear Sabina reminisce about her time in Seattle. Mostly it was just great to spend time with her. She was full of great ideas for our house, and was such a positive force in getting things organized and settled. Thank you so much, Sabina, for taking some of your precious summer days to spend with us!

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  1. Ah… I love you guys! The picture of Sabina with the sawsall brought a smile mostly because that is exactly what I expected to see.

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