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  • Open 'er up!

    Doing home renovation can be scary. We had a builder install a cantilevered beam to support our roof, so that we no longer needed the wall between our kitchen and living room… So after work today, I took our new sawzall and took out all the supports. We are so happy with the result!

  • Fall Staycation- September 2014

    So I’m WAY behind in my blogging. So in order to get these pictures down for memories sake, here goes. Picture overload. Tom got a week off in September. We considered going somewhere like the Oregon coast, but I was so vacationed out and Tom was thrilled at the idea of just being home so […]

  • Home Picts

    So a few weeks ago I asked for help on home decor issues. A few people requested pictures. So here they are: Wow this picture makes me think I should up cleaning this brick wall on the priority list. Eek! I’d like something above the fireplace. I can’t decide whether I should just hang frames, […]

  • Decorating doldrums

    Perhaps it’s the change of weather, the fact that it’s dark so much earlier, that my shades are drawn longer, or that we’re inside more, but I’ve felt an overwhelming desire to decorate my house. To make it cozy, inviting. To make it- me. I pulled out the frames, the nails, the hammer, determined to make […]

  • Having "the glow"- choosing to smile

    Last week was rough. I was uncomfortable, my hands and feet (and whole body) would itch so badly at night that I couldn’t sleep. My nails were sore from the constant scratching. I was crabby and done being pregnant. Then I remembered that my new year’s resolution was to smile more. I wrote a post about […]

  • A collection of unconnected thoughts

    After months of debate and diliberation (with myself) I finally decided to take advantage of the Black Friday/Cyper Week sales and buy an upright freezer. I hate spending money, especially lots of it on one thing and went back and forth with whether this was a wise choice. But in the spirit of provident living, […]

  • Thanksgiving Report

    We had a wonderful thanksgiving weekend. We celebrated Saturday so Tom could join us, but my folks and sisters came up Thursday night so we’d have a day for fun. Friday we headed downtown for all the Christmas festivities. We unfortunately missed the parade, but we did get to enjoy the huge Macy’s tree, and […]

  • Vision

    Tonight, I spent the evening putting up some Christmas decorations, and imagining the possibility for many more. For some reason Christmas is under my skin this year and I am SOOO excited. I want to make it a magical year. So with that sort of enthusiasm I energetically approached the decorating process- only to feel […]

  • Nursery updates

    I realized only after it got too late to take another shot that I had that wreath hanging in the window. Not intentional. How I wish it didn’t get dark at 4:00 here. I’ve been slowly working away at the nursery. I finished the quilt, made a crib sheet, and painted the little end table. […]

  • Nesting

    There’s some major nesting going on around here. Within the last two weeks I’ve: -painted our master bathroom -purchased half the fabric for our new baby’s quilt -painted the nursery -painted an accent wall in Scotland’s room -rearranged, patched, and painted a closet -And made a HUGE bath of lentil soup- most of which I […]