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  • Moving

    Tom and I have been talking about moving a lot these last few months. With applications and interviews for fellowship positions occurring, we’ve been forced to face the future. We love so many things about living in Seattle, but different training opportunities for Tom and a lower cost of living are forcing us to look else where. […]

  • Chiara Jade Foutz: a birth story

    Birth is a sacred time. I believe it should be hallowed, reverenced, prepared for. As I alluded to in this post, I spent the weeks leading up to Chiara’s birth preparing emotionally and spiritually. I wasn’t surprised when my due date came and went, and had a feeling that she would be born on Tuesday. […]

  • Happy Easter

    We had a beautiful Easter- spread over a few days. We dyed eggs Friday night for “Family Fun” we hid two sets of plastic eggs inside on Sunday and then hid our boiled eggs outside on Monday (Since Sunday was rainy and cold, and Monday was beautiful.) We had our spiritual lesson on Monday for […]

  • Happy Halloween!

    Pumpkin carving: We started the holiday festivities off at FHE on Tuesday when we carved pumpkins, halloween music playing. Scotland carved a scary face, Tom a Tiger, and I a bat. Anders painted a pumpkin. Tom had him help him clean out his pumpkin. At first Anders refused but finally got in on the fun. […]

  • It's fall, we went on vacation

    Summer has been over for a good month, but it’s really felt like it the last week or so. There’s been a culinary shift. We eat pretty seasonally, since the bulk of our diet is vegetable based. Butternut squash has replaced green beans, applesauce- fresh berries. Today I made a batch of Myrtle’s applesauce. Grandma […]

  • A post.

    Oh, how I’ve pined to blog lately. I compose fragmented posts in my mind until I’m called away to more pressing matters. It’s already 10:00, and my head cold is urging me to bed, but I must write at least something. Clear my head a bit. Here’s what’s on my mind- in no order: Countertop […]

  • Halloween 2014

    We had a delightful Halloween. This marked Anders’ first Halloween, and Scotland’s first year going trick or treating. How I love the novelty of child rearing. It’s so fun to see holidays through fresh eyes. Scotland decided to be a dragon again. (Despite my Mom and Dantzel putting together a super fun pirate costume for […]

  • Kruckeberg Botanical Garden

    We’ve been wanting to explore Shoreline’s Kruckeberg Botanical Garden since we moved here. Finally a few months ago we took advantage of a gorgeous day and headed over there after Joy School. We packed a picnic and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. Because of another appointment we didn’t have as much time as we would have […]

  • Fall Staycation- September 2014

    So I’m WAY behind in my blogging. So in order to get these pictures down for memories sake, here goes. Picture overload. Tom got a week off in September. We considered going somewhere like the Oregon coast, but I was so vacationed out and Tom was thrilled at the idea of just being home so […]

  • Home Picts

    So a few weeks ago I asked for help on home decor issues. A few people requested pictures. So here they are: Wow this picture makes me think I should up cleaning this brick wall on the priority list. Eek! I’d like something above the fireplace. I can’t decide whether I should just hang frames, […]