Category: Grateful

  • Happy Easter

    We had a beautiful Easter- spread over a few days. We dyed eggs Friday night for “Family Fun” we hid two sets of plastic eggs inside on Sunday and then hid our boiled eggs outside on Monday (Since Sunday was rainy and cold, and Monday was beautiful.) We had our spiritual lesson on Monday for […]

  • New Foutz Rule

    One of the largest take home messages I got from the Positive Discipline philosophy was, if it only works for a week- “Great! It worked for a week!” So who knows the duration of this latest success, but I’m reveling in it as long as I can. There was a long period where dinner time […]

  • It's fall, we went on vacation

    Summer has been over for a good month, but it’s really felt like it the last week or so. There’s been a culinary shift. We eat pretty seasonally, since the bulk of our diet is vegetable based. Butternut squash has replaced green beans, applesauce- fresh berries. Today I made a batch of Myrtle’s applesauce. Grandma […]

  • The Christmas season

    We had a long Christmas season this year. Typically Christmas feels so rushed, and I don’t feel like I have enough time to do all the things I want to do. This year was different. We decorated for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving, and we started daily Christmas advent activities soon after. Then we celebrated […]

  • Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

    Today was as perfect a day as a day can be. In my previous post I mentioned I wanted to work on having more “family” time. Well check, check for me! Today fulfilled that desire in every way. It was near perfection: relaxed morning all together, walking in puddles with Scotter, wearing Anders in the […]

  • April 2nd means…produce diversity

    My favorite fruit and veggie stand (Country Farms) is open!!! This morning I got apples, bananas, tangelos, oranges, grapes, grapefruit, asparagus, parsnips, beets, cucumbers, zucchini, carrots, celery and three kinds of lettuce all for 35 bucks. I could have got only four of those things for the same price at Costco and been forced to […]

  • Baby Visitors: Foutzes

    A few days after my family left Tom’s mom flew in, and a few days after that his sister, Adrienne. It was wonderful to have them and all their help. They kept up the pattern of entertaining Scotter in the mornings while I slept in, and kept me sleep positive by letting me get a […]

  • Baby Visitors: Petersen's

    My Mom and Dad were the first visitors to see Anders. We had been going back and forth on the best time for my Mom to come out. Tom originally was going to get the six days following Anders's birth off, but then we got realizing it would be great for the NICU team if […]

  • Anders Cyril Foutz: The Birth Story

    Warning this is a birth story, birthing is beautiful, but messy business. You’re warned. This is a terrible picture, and was taken a week before Anders was born, but it’s the closest I have to the “going into the hospital” belly shot. I might have had a few other things on my mind! At midnight […]

  • Having "the glow"- choosing to smile

    Last week was rough. I was uncomfortable, my hands and feet (and whole body) would itch so badly at night that I couldn’t sleep. My nails were sore from the constant scratching. I was crabby and done being pregnant. Then I remembered that my new year’s resolution was to smile more. I wrote a post about […]