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Birdseed Waffles

Scotland woke up this morning requesting pancakes. In keeping with our “Enjoy Cleveland” week, I thought, why not? So we headed downstairs,  tied on some aprons and had at it. We made a slight digression from pancakes  to waffles when I found a recipe I had printed out a few weeks ago for multi-grain waffles from I was immediately drawn to the recipe. How could a whole grain lover like myself not salivate over a waffle that is completely whole wheat while also containing sunflower seeds, flax (seeds and meal), poppy seeds and millet!!! (I’ve only recently discovered raw millet being used this way- uncooked for a bit of nutty crunch.) I had to try them. 

Of course, since it’s some how contrary to my nature to every strictly follow a recipe, I substituted one cup of my self-ground flour mix (buckwheat, oat, millet and barley) for a part of the whole wheat. Then thinking I didn’t have any millet left, I substituted sesame seeds for the 1/4 cup of millet, only to add a few TBSP of millet when I found them. Some how, with all the seeds going in, I left out the poppy seeds- bummer, next time. I love those freckles! (Plus they’re a good source of oleic acid.) 
This was the perfect recipe to make with kids because there is a fun variety of ingredients, most of which are easy to dump. Scotland loved comparing the various seeds, and wanted to try each one. (Fine by me!) I took to calling them Birdseed Waffles. (I think it would be sweet to pair these with a birdseed craft, maybe like this one we did a few months ago.) 
The final result was delicious- possibly my new favorite waffle. Topped with plain yogurt, strawberries and a drizzle of maple syrup they were incredible. And because of all the seeds- very satiating. I was actually disappointed, because I wanted to eat a few more! Scotland loved them, which you’ll have to take with a grain of salt, because he adores anything grain-based. (Where does he get that from?)
It was the perfect starter to our sunny day. We spent a lot of time out in the yard. Scotland played with the hose- watering the rocks, dirt and a few flowers, while I weeded. We went for several walks, and he drove and flew his little car. Why does sun make me SOOOO happy?!!!
P.S. For those of you who have followed my garden, my little forsythia transplant looks like this, this year!
Oh, and just in case you wondered, my larger one looks like this!
I love spring!!! #I’m going to miss my yard like crazy

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