Category: Nutrition

  • New Foutz Rule

    One of the largest take home messages I got from the Positive Discipline philosophy was, if it only works for a week- “Great! It worked for a week!” So who knows the duration of this latest success, but I’m reveling in it as long as I can. There was a long period where dinner time […]

  • Recognizing accomplishment

    I’ve been feeling a bit down on myself lately. I guess I just haven’t felt like my list of accomplishments has been very admirable. My sister Adee pointed out, that I should stop calling myself “lazy,” when I visited a few weeks ago. And yet, that’s how I’ve been feeling. Too often, it seems I’ve […]

  • Smoothies- summer goodness!

    So, I don’t have a Blendtec blender, I have a Vitamix, but I do have a Blendtec grain mill, which I LOVE, so I feel fine advertizing for them here on my blog. Not to mention the rave reports my brother-in-law has given of what an impressive business model they have, combined with the excellent […]

  • Bread day- multigrain flour and wheat gluten addition

    I’ve been making our bread since before Scotland was born. You’d think two years would be an adaquet amount of time to master my simple recipe. Unfortunately, I’m still rather inconsistent. Sometimes it’s a result of my experimentation, Maybe I’ll add three cups of rye flour this time, or I think I could really half the […]

  • Birdseed Waffles

    Scotland woke up this morning requesting pancakes. In keeping with our “Enjoy Cleveland” week, I thought, why not? So we headed downstairs,  tied on some aprons and had at it. We made a slight digression from pancakes  to waffles when I found a recipe I had printed out a few weeks ago for multi-grain waffles […]