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  • Devin and Dantzi's visit

    This has been the most family-filled August I’ve had- since, well, probably moving away for college. Seriously, all but two of my siblings visited our home last month, and the two that didn’t, I saw at my folks. It’s been wonderful! I’ve already catalogued the first three family events: reunion, Karlsven visit, and Grandma and Poppa […]

  • Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

    Today was as perfect a day as a day can be. In my previous post I mentioned I wanted to work on having more “family” time. Well check, check for me! Today fulfilled that desire in every way. It was near perfection: relaxed morning all together, walking in puddles with Scotter, wearing Anders in the […]

  • Wanna go for a walk?

    Today was a gorgeous, sunny, spring day. I went out to take a couple of photographs around the yard and then was enticed across the street, down the block, for a walk. Camera in tow, I decided to try to capture some of Spring’s beauty in its abundance. Seattle is a gorgeous place to live, […]

  • Saint Edwards State Park

    On MLK day we took advantage of the free entrance to state parks and headed to St. Edwards State Park near Kenmore. I was hoping a vigorous hike would jumpstart labor, and we wanted to take advantage of Tom’s day off to enjoy the outdoors. It’s a gorgeous park that sits on Lake Washington. Despite […]

  • Finding the hidden gems

    One of the real treats of moving to a new place is how often you discover little gems in everyday life. This morning Scotland and I walked up and over the hill by our house to the playground. We enjoyed running around on the outdoor basketball courts, climbing through the “spider web” and imagining up […]

  • Happy Fall!

    Picture taken at Sky nursery two days ago. (Nothing like Sky to make me feel like emptying my wallet!)

  • What kind of Mother would you like to be?

    I’ve probably commented on this conversation before, but for some reason it returns to me over and over again. Tom said “Kjirsti, I hope you will choose what kind of mother you want to be, not just be like so and so or so and so.” I contested, “It’s not that easy. . .” He […]

  • Soaking up Cleveland

    My emotions have been strange these past weeks. I tend to be quick to cry- be I happy, sad, or angry. I just have over-active tear ducts. That being said, they’ve been particularly refined these past weeks. I had my final student voice recital Friday- no tears. I cried my eyes out a few years […]

  • Kamik Rainboots in RED!

    A few weeks ago I mentioned my fixation with rainboots. Something about our imminent move to Seattle has convinced me that buying rainboots is top priority. And I tend to be rather one-track minded. At first I was convinced that Hunters were the way to go, their blog’s summary of their long and illustrious history […]

  • Birdseed Waffles

    Scotland woke up this morning requesting pancakes. In keeping with our “Enjoy Cleveland” week, I thought, why not? So we headed downstairs,  tied on some aprons and had at it. We made a slight digression from pancakes  to waffles when I found a recipe I had printed out a few weeks ago for multi-grain waffles […]