Today was a gorgeous, sunny, spring day. I went out to take a couple of photographs around the yard and then was enticed across the street, down the block, for a walk. Camera in tow, I decided to try to capture some of Spring’s beauty in its abundance. Seattle is a gorgeous place to live, especially when the sun comes out. The thing I find intriguing about Seattle is that it has this rustic au naturale charm. Yards are much less manicured than their Shaker Heights equivalents, houses often look older and more worn due to the prevalence of moss and mold. Nature wins out here. One of the things I love about photography is that it allows you to crop life down to the most beautiful things and leave out the rest. I think it’s a powerful exercise that can be applied to other areas of life.
Come on a walk with me, will you? We’ll start in the yard. . .

Daffodils blooming through my Aucuba Japonica (I think) bush in the back yard 

A variety of narcissus blooming in front of the rock wall in the back yard.

Forsythia in the side yard- yellow’s the color of the year!

Front step beauty in the making (hosta and primrose). (Still hoping my corkscrew plant will revive- I think it needs to be repotted, and pruned?)

Rhubarb coming up beautifully! (I transplanted this to my garden bed last fall, so I was super excited to see it took to its new home so happily.)

Strawberries from Sister Maringer popping up through the ground

Now we’ll move across the street:

Red buds and blossoms cover this tree across the street, creating a gorgeous contrast between the surrounding evergreens.

Also, proof that the sky can be blue in Seattle. (Though Scotland once said, “Look Mom! The sky is blue!” – It had been a while!)

The emergence of leaf and flower buds is one of my favorite things to watch for in spring.

I can’t wait to see what this huge bud becomes!

And down the street:

The evergreen candytuft (Iberis sempervirens) is blooming prolifically everywhere. 

One of the things that Seattle excels at, is the layering of different textures of and shades of green.

I’m unsure of the name of this bush, but it has been adorned with this stunning red berries all winter long. 

Laurels grow everywhere here. Their glossy green leaves lend such a manicured “clean” look to roadsides and empty lots.

The amazing thing about Seattle is that you get to enjoy these intricate beauties all year round! I wish I knew the names of each of these evergreens. In time!

Our neighborhood is very hilly. Many of the homes are placed deep down below the street level. I love the wood railing and staircase leading down to this particular home.

And across the street, a wall made of, what looks to be, recycled cement slabs is beautified with this dainty frilled ground cover.

This heavy chain adds character and charm to this rusticated fence. This is the quirky side of Seattle it’s famous for.

Haphazard mailboxes- the norm.

An artist displays their work in their front yard- a series of bicycles spray painted white. There is a lot of art and sculpture in Seattle, even in suburb neighborhoods.

I wasn’t the only one out enjoying the Sunday morning splendor. 

Isn’t the world lovely?! There are few things that can uplift my spirits and bring me as much joy, as a cheerful romp on a crisp spring morning. It felt like the perfect sabbath day activity. Photography is a lovely way to worship God and thank Him for his gorgeous creations!

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  1. Beautiful pictures Kjirsti! Spring and summer is one of my favorite times of year here in Seattle. I love seeing all of the different kinds of plants produce flowers and different kinds of things.

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