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  • Runner's high

    I ran at the North Chagrin Reservation today. It was perhaps the most breathtaking run I’ve ever had. Allow me to wax poetic: The weather was perfect, 60 and sunny. The trees wore their most festive fall colors: bright greens, vivid reds, playful oranges, and charming yellows. They mixed breathtakingly into an ever changing rug […]

  • Blog Book!

    I just finished the Blog Book up through 2011! I’m up to 163 pages. Now I just need to finish this year and I’ll be caught up! Last time I published the blog I used Blurb’s book editing software, it was fine, though tedious and difficult since I had to boot into Windows on my […]

  • Herumph!

    So my “Live the Dream” mindset only lasted about three days before I was back spinning my wheels again. I’m hoping hormones or some other passing condition are the cause of my recent inability to cope with life. Please allow me to wax on. This month starts Tom’s final year of medical school. Let me […]

  • Live the dream

    The past week I was in a bit of a funk. I was just spinning my wheels. I kept feeling like I need to make lists and organize my life, but doing so only made me more stressed and overwhelmed. While I felt “busy” I wan’t doing anything of much importance. After a couple days […]

  • Blogging

    Lately I’ve been wondering a lot about why I blog. I listened to a book “Have a Little Faith” that had a quote something like this: “Today’s youth are publicizing everything about their lives online, screaming for fame and recognition.” It struck me. Is that why I blog?Is it my meager way of seeking recognition, […]

  • Singing

    So I wrote a long post on this subject about a week ago, and then decided it was more appropriate for my journal than this public blog. But I’m going to include some of my thoughts here now, because I’m really interested in your opinions. I rarely ask for comments (though I always appreciate them) […]

  • Truth

    I’ve been thinking a lot about how one determines truth. Absolute truth. Unchanging truth.  Over the last few weeks I’ve read conference talks by men I believe are prophets and apostles. I’ve perused various websites written by religious academics and religious skeptics. I’ve read the scriptures. I’ve talked to people I trust: my husband, my […]

  • Minimalism

    I was talking to my sister today and said “There’s a part of me that really strives for minimalism.” She responded: “There’s a big part of you that feels that way.” Her comment struck me. Was there? In fact there is, and yet I think I’m often shy to admit it. I get bothered when […]

  • Sigh

    Two dozen sage and apricot cookies lie waiting to be taken to a cookie exchange that I will not attend tonight. Tom is on night call and had hoped he’d be done in time for me to go, but alas he’ll be home around 10:00- two hours two late. Scotland sleeps peacefully. What shall I […]

  • Goodbye to Moses Lake

    On Monday my parents bid goodbye to my childhood home. The move has been a year and a half in the coming, so it didn’t really strike me until a few days later when I was sending some letters home. I had to call my Mom to ask her address. The oft repeated address of […]