Runner's high

I ran at the North Chagrin Reservation today. It was perhaps the most breathtaking run I’ve ever had. Allow me to wax poetic:
The weather was perfect, 60 and sunny. The trees wore their most festive fall colors: bright greens, vivid reds, playful oranges, and charming yellows. They mixed breathtakingly into an ever changing rug beneath my feet, adding cushion and music. The trails curved and dipped, passing ponds filled with lily pads and lakes rippling with geese. I crossed a stream, passed horses, and exchanged many a hello with other smiling nature lovers. I felt a renewed kinship with mankind. Even more I felt gratitude. Gratitude for a beautiful Earth, the changing of seasons, the chance to live in Cleveland, a healthy body and for God who gave it all to me.
I felt so close to Divinity. For the first time I truly understood why Joseph Smith chose a forest to offer his first vocal prayer. There was no question in my mind that “This is a place worthy of Christ.”
I experienced therapy I didn’t even know I needed. The length of the run, initially, had felt too daunting, especially alone. But quickly I was grateful for the challenge. I needed to prove to myself: I am strong, I am determined, I am capable.
As I neared the end, the rhythm overcame me. It felt better to keep going than stop. It seemed I could run all day; and strangely, in this beautiful place, I wanted to.


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