Following the family reunion Getti and her kiddos followed us back to Seattle for a week of fun. Four kiddos two and under is pretty intense, but we had fun! Here’s some picts:

Riding the radio flyer on the back patio

Seattle’s weather is gorgeous in the summer- mild and comfortable. It makes mid-day picnics in the backyard perfect. Scotter and I prefer to eat lunch outside.

Beach day! I love this picture of Scotland because it shows how much he adores the beach- it’s a full immersion activity for him.

Keiton is such a fun boy to have around. He has these flirty eyes and mischievous way that makes me laugh.

“Scotland, please don’t get your shoes wet. . . Scotland please don’t get your pants wet. . . forget it!”


It was such a delight to have baby Coleman here. I hadn’t seen him since he was a few weeks old so I loved getting a sense for his personality. I got him belly laughing the night I babysat him so Gets and Dave could go out. Nothing is more thrilling!
I loved watching Scotland interact with him. He would often go lay down next to him, and was always so gentle. It gave me high hopes for when his own little baby comes along.

Visiting the locks- watching all the boats. The highlight for me on this visit (our second time) was seeing the salmon jump clear out of the water, over and over. Those guys are huge!

Getti and I spent one morning picking blackberries the grow wild everywhere here. It wasn’t as pastorale an experience as we would have liked as we were constantly reminding small children to stay off the road, but we came back with two big bowls full after only walking around the block.

Sand day #2. We wanted to hit Discovery Park at low tide, but having never been there I didn’t realize it’s quite a hike down to the beach. Getti and Dave were pressed for time, so we stopped up on this sand bench way up on the cliff to play instead. Soft warm sand, gorgeous vistas, what more could you want?

Needless to say, it met the kids needs.

We celebrated Brigette’s 30th birthday while she was here. We bought locally famed Trophy cupcakes and Molly Moon ice cream and took it to Gas Works Park at dusk to enjoy.

(I gotta say, the cupcakes didn’t wow me. Sure they were good, but at their pricetag, I wouldn’t do them again. I know- I sound like scrouge. Sorry Trophy lovers.)

I wish this picture wasn’t so blurry (grrr night photography how I fail at thee). Here’s the birthday girl. Isn’t she beautiful. Brigette (or as I call her Gets or Getti) is one of my dearest friends. By a miracle we had our first borns a week apart, her’s adopted, mine natural. She followed up three month laters with her own natural child, and about two years later with her second. She’s got her hands full with three chillen’s and yet she manages to still wow me with her drive, creativity, and stamina. When this girl sets her mind to something, watch you. I still mourn the fun we would have had living minutes away in Utah, but feel blessed for cell phones that keep us close. I love you Gets, Happy Birthday.

Thanks SO much for coming out to visit Karlsven’s- let’s do it again soon!

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