This week I have been stressed. I’ve allowed myself to be stressed, and I’ve stressed about being stressed. Why have I been stressed? Well because I had a Easter Program to put together and write for next Sunday, two midterms to study for, and essay to write, a house to air out, lots of looming senior recital repertoire to learn, a website to construct, grocery shopping to do, a solo to learn for church next week, a husband’s hair to cut, exercise to do. . . It’s all those little things that need to get done, and I have just allowed them to well up and overwhelm me this week. It’s silly, but it happened. Fortunately, for the most part my week flowed smoothly. I was invited to sing in a masterclass last minute, and was able to reschedule my lessons. Despite the crazy day before, the masterclass went well. I started a new student this week. When I rehearsed with my accompanist we got into the “zone” and rehearsed for 2 hours rather than the thirty minutes we had planned on. My Music History professor remembered that I didn’t study on Sundays from a previous class I had taken with him and gave me an additional day to turn in my paper.  Several of my friends reported that the opera was scandalous so instead of attending that Tom and I went to see my student sing the lead role in her high school’s production of “Cinderella”- to my surprise she mentioned me in her program notes! In order to satisfy my shopping bug I went to Goodwill and got a couple of new shirts. Tom did some last minute grocery shopping last night which allowed me to make the cranberry bran muffins I had been wanting to try. The choir did a lovely job at the Stake Easter Concert despite our small numbers, and I just heard news that Derek may be coming to my senior recital! It’s been a great week, and I should be more grateful for the many blessings!             Speaking of blessings, I mentioned that I was accepted to CIM but I didn’t know at the time that I had been given a half-ride scholarship.

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