A lot of people have been asking about podcasts lately. They are completely FREE and a great way to fill commutes. They work on ipods, as well as other mp3 players (though I have an iPod, so I can’t help you with other stuff.)

The idea is that you subscribe to the podcast with a computer program which checks for new episodes. I use iTunes. If you have an mp3 player, you can update your podcasts every time you plug your player in. The problem with iTunes is that it only syncs with iPods. If you have another brand, I’ve heard that Juice is your best bet: Juice . Then, all you need are podcast feeds. Here are the ones I’m subscribed to:

quirks and quarks: Canadian show on recent scientific findings Website || Subscribe

the economist A good analysis of what’s going on in the world Website || Subscribe

lds voices Church Talks Website || Subscribe

linux reality The show that taught me linux Website || Subscribe

lsat logic A princeton review podcast on analyzing a current event’s logical qualities. Not advanced stuff, but still interesting. Website || Subscribe

mclaughlin group You may have already heard of this. A weekly bantering between four- five pundits. Pat Buchanon is a regular. Website || (not sure if this will work) Subscribe

NPR car talk call of the week these guys are hilarious Website || Subscribe

NPR intelligence squared Oxford styled debates about different topics Website || Subscribe

NPR movies cause I never have time to actually go to the movies Website || Subscribe

NPR Satire from the unger report Pretty funny satirical essays not sure about this link: Website || Subscribe

NPR science friday Website || Subscribe

NPR wait, wait don’t tell me game show about current events Website || Subscribe

President’s Weekly Radio Address Actually listening to the president over the last year has actually made me like him more. I think more Americans should try listening to this. Website || Subscribe

Security Now A great show on network/computer security Website || Subscribe

Short Cummings Audio Funny essayist on just the normal things of every day life. A lot like Dave Barry. Website || Subscribe

60-Second Science Website || Subscribe

podiobooks website full of new, free audiobooks released in individual chapters Website

I’m a sci-fi geek, and some of my podiobook sci-fi favorites have been:

Quartershare: A sort of horatio hornblower for a freight ship of the future

Singularity: American secret service tries to stop a russian plot (which involves a singularity) to retake their place of honor.

Badge of Infamy: An medical doctor becomes a pariah because of saving a man’s life against the Medical Boards wishes (He’s sent to mars)

How to succeed in evil: Reveals the idiocy behind all of those super villians we are often entertained by.

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  1. Thanks for the links! This is great! A bunch of the podcasts I subscribe to were canceled, so I’m happy to have some new good recommendations.

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