Photoshop, How I love thee!

This month I wanted to work on learning Photo shop and expanding my knowledge of photography. I have been checking out the Popular Photography magazines from the public library, perusing photographers galleries on line, and taking on line Photo shop tutorials. I have learned a ton. Here are some of my before and afters!

Bridal 1: Here is the original picture. The background is a little crazy, and there are too many different colors.

bridal 1

Bridal 2: I cropped the picture down, blurred the background, and the pulled out the detail in the lace, and brought out my eyes a tad.

bridal 2

Skiing 1: This was a great picture to begin with, which is very impressive considering Tom took it!

skiing 2

However I wanted to touch it up a bit. I cropped it, fixed a few complexion things, smoothed the skin but sharpened my hat, our eyes, and and anything else I found enhancing.

Urbania road 1: I love this photo. I took it one day while I was exploring Urbania. Unfortunately the original shot didn’t do the best of capturing the vivid colors of the buildings nor the warmth of the sun reflected off the brick. For the revised photo, I straightened the shot, cropped it, made the colors more vivid and warmed the temperature. I feel like it captures more the spirit and life of the scene.

2 responses to “Photoshop, How I love thee!”

  1. You are so photogenic!!! Not fair!!! Your photo shop work looks great! It gives you an idea of what magazine photographers do. You’re right about the Urbania picture. The second actually looks more like Urbania. I should send you my photos and have you touch them up. Speaking of photography, Melissa Fife, my roommate, just got headshots taken. Whoa! I want to fly these people in for my bridals if I ever get married. I’ll send you a digital copy of her main shot if I can. It is gorgeous!

  2. Kjirsti–These are amazing!!! I am so impressed with your initiative to learn how to do this. I would love for you to “fix” a picture I have of Ryanna, so I can put it on my wall. Are you up for it?

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