Chef Stan and his cookies!

Tom and I safely arrived home from Phoenix tonight. Somehow we were blessed with a very short flight, and I am happy to report that I didn’t get antsy or claustrophobic! Rather I finished, “Girl with the Pearl Earring” and made a lot of progress on my scarf.

I haven’t blogged in a while, as I decided to forgo bringing my computer with me on break. I’m excited to get back at it.Chef Stan
Tom and I had a blast in Tucson with the clan there. All of Tom’s siblings and their spouses came home. Stan had sent us all a package in early November with a DVD and packet of instructions for several recipes he wanted to try when we were together. The line-up: creme brulee, fresh coconut cake, soft pretzels, and mozzarella cheese. We were all thrilled. We successfully made all four! The guys were excited because two of the recipes required power tools- a blow torch, and a drill. And the girls were excited, well because we’re girls. I have already re-made the pretzels, and as soon as I can get my hands on some cheese curd I am going to make the mozzarella. The Coconut cake might not be a remake for me, it was delicious don’t get me wrong, but nine hours for one cake, may be more time than I am willing to commit again. The creme brulee was a blast. I loved blow torching the top and the recipe was very simple. Definitely a great choice for a quick but fancy dessert. (Does anyone know of a cheap source of vanilla bean pods?)

Adi with the Moz

I thought the cooking activities were perfect for our family. None of us have kids yet, and all of us are excited about owning our first kitchens and trying new things. Thanks goes to Chef Stan for arranging everything, having the ingredients and materials on hand, and offering plenty of support and enthusiasm!

creme brulee

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  1. For the vanilla bean pods try the bulk food place near Oberlin…they might have them or know where to get them. Good luck!

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