A picture says a thousand words

a wedding with children
I came upon this picture today. I had to smile at the excitement of all of the children and the observing guys in the background. Landen’s little side kick looks like it’s straight of the Newsies cover, and the swarm of girls behind me is so endearing. I am so grateful for children, and their ability to find fun in everything.
This Sunday in church our high council speaker told a story of a little friend of his who excitedly moved the figures of the nativity closer and closer to the center of his home, each day of December in preparation for Christmas.  On Christmas Eve all the characters would be assembled together in the middle of the dinner table in preparation for the Christ child to appear on Christmas day. That night we had institute at the Sis. Stay’s house. (Bro. Stay was the high council speaker.) We got talking about nativities, and she showed us a neat one from Guatemala that her daughter was lending her.  I expressed how much I was missing my mother’s nativities from all over the world. It was a passing statement, and I didn’t think any more of it. Just as we were pulling out to leave, Bro. Stay came running out and asked, “Becky, just found a nativity you can borrow, if you want it?” I agreed cheerfully. We brought it home and I immediately began setting it up on the piano, but Tom joined in and instead took the three wise men into the study and the one little shepherd to the coffee table in the living room. He smiled at me boyishly at the task and I laughed. The next day he left early and I went about my day, in the middle of the afternoon I was startled to find that the three wise men now stood on a box near the door of the study, and the little shepherd had walked a foot forward on the table. I smiled, and looked around for Tom. He wasn’t home he had done it early before he left, I just hadn’t noticed. It happened again today, when I came home from my final exam I found the shepherd standing on the far edge of the piano, the kings having moved to the bookshelf of the front room. Each time it added a sparkle of merriment to my day, and reminded me of the anticipated Christ child. I am so grateful for a husband who isn’t above a little child-like fun, and who is ceaselessly doing things to bring me joy!

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