Happy report

The weekend was successful. My audition for Ohio Light Opera was fine, not fabulous, but not terrible. The performance of Messiah on Saturday went well, and the ward choir sang beautifully for the program. Sacrament meeting did run about a half hour over but they ended up canceling the following meetings, due to a blizzard, so it turned out perfect.
Tom and I had a busy week. Full of projects, studying, driving to out of town performances, and Christmas parties, Christmas parties, Christmas parties.  We had one Tuesday, Wednesday, and two Sunday. It has been fun to get into the Christmas spirit. Tuesday was Tom’s MSTP Christmas party so we drove into Cleveland. I enjoyed seeing him in his environment, I am always impressed by how social, and easily conversational he is with anyone. He joked around and caused the whole room to erupt in laughter several times.
Tom has been working very hard on a project for his class with great results. He and his partner, Dave, were on the ball and got their data far ahead of time, they wrote a good paper, and assembled an impressive slide show. It was exciting to watch the whole project, because there were a lot of light bulb moments. The hot water of the shower seems to bring that out of Tom. I keep telling him to teach me how I can get profound ideas by taking a shower, but either he is a poor teacher or I am an inept student, because it has yet to be successful.  He presented this morning, hopefully it went well.
I have been doing all of the end of the semester wrap up stuff. I have two big finals this year for Melodie and French. I guess I also had a piano final. It went well, which I was happy about. I played my memorized song, the 2nd mvt. of Beethoven’s Op 79 Sonata, in a recital and goofed up several times, but I was given the chance to play it again at the final, with better results. Luckily, I finish up at 11:00 Wednesday morning so I have basically two days to do whatever I want before we take off. I’m looking forward to doing some reading and last minute Christmas shopping.
We have a secret santa who has been leaving us little Christmas bags with a Christmas story/poem and gift every night. It has been such a blessing, because I really wanted to get some things together to start a tradition this year. Funny, I feel like I have done nothing, and yet everything  I hoped to have fell into our laps. We have had stories to read every night as I had hoped, and just yesterday Sis. Stay lent us a nativity, something I was sorely missing this year.  Our friends Sam and Abigail Foster offered to lend us their little Christmas tree, which stands proudly though humbly on a chair in our living room, ablaze with one little strand of lights and a tin foil star. We have Christmas cards to adorn our piano, and I got to sing in not only one Messiah this year- but TWO! It has been a lovely Christmas session, one I will always remember, as our first.

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