Is it bad if I would rather talk to my family, write to my family,  and read about my family than do just about anything else?
This morning I woke up early determined to use my extra hour thanks to Daylight savings to study for my French exam at 10:00. I got online to check my e-mail to make sure there weren’t any scheduling changes I needed to be aware of. There weren’t any. But there were several e-mails and several videos from my family! Now, part of me knew I should wait until later and study now. But a larger part of me said,  “Ah shucks!”
I read them. And watched one! (Brecklyn you are amazing!)
Now I’m at work. What do I want to do, grade papers for my other job? No,  but I would love to watch Tali and Landen play piano and violin!
Family is important to me. When I think back over my past 20 odd years. (Okay 21) I rarely think of the test I aced, or even the soccer game I won. But I oft think of making mud pancakes with Brigette, and delivering date responses with Devin. I think of watching Adalee jumping with her horses. And spending days, laughing my head off, just watching Dantzel- live.  My fondest memories are late nights spent talking and laughing with Derek and Audrey; watching the way Bryce’s face lit up when he saw Lauren and Trevor walk into the waiting room- and theirs glow in response. I remember spending weekends with Sabina and her family the year they lived in Spokane, and I remember the desire that I wished it could be every weekend. When I am lonely, I crave the eager attention my mother gave me every day after school in middle school. She made me feel that for those 45 minutes, there was no one more important than me. I often desire the pride in my fathers eyes when I would sing, I still need that, now more than ever, and I miss it.
Family comes first- now and hopefully always! 🙂

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  1. I’ve definitely felt those feelings before, too. I remember expressing them to you, also during my Senior year I think. Sometimes it hits me when I’m going through a difficult time how much my family means to me and that sharing our lives with each other is part of life’s most precious joys. It’s hard to be away all of the time.
    Speaking of which, I found out that an awesome sister in my ward (who helped me pick up my new mattress 🙂 ) moved to Houston to live by her best friend. That’s it, no other reason. She said that they were all going to move to Boston together, but when her friend got a job here, they changed their plans just a week before they moved!! Hum, I like that idea. 🙂

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