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I have oft mentioned how thrilled I am to live in this lovely area and beautiful home. However such comments have been made with little consideration for one grand annoyance. Those of you who live in the dessert might not understand the occurrences that take place in our place, such as patches of mold/mildew forming on the door under which you hang your towel, or the necessity of spraying your shower curtain with bleach every week to kill off forming cells, but most likely you have never experienced the formation of a bog in your basement.
bog1For the past month, Tom and I have rushed past the little hallway from our kitchen to the garage with our noses plugged in order to avoid lingering amongst the ever increasing odor rising from the pools of sitting water and who knows what else in our basement. It started out as water, and then it turned into something brown, and most recently it is black. Life is apparent down there. Tom poured a bunch of bleach in hopes of killing the said life. His attempts were fairly successful, but the vile creatures were resilient and live on! We try to ignore it but every time you open the door to our kitchen the stench floats in, pervading the house. Our landlady was down there yesterday surveying the situation and thought she had cleared it out, but it was back this morning. We are hoping the winter season will dry it out.
For the time being, it has become a third member of the family. “How is the bog?” “Did you see the bog today?”
If any of you have suffered from similar scenarios by all means- HELP!

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  1. I got a great laugh out of “how is the
    I got a great laugh out of “How is the bog?”Did you see the bog today”? It reminds me of all of the unsightly and interesting situations around here that I will not share but having lived here you can conger up your own recolections. We had the same thing in NE. We just tried to keep it dry.
    Love ya MOm

  2. Fun! Seattle was very similar. We had a tiny bedroom that we had to push our bed right up against the wall for it even to fit in the room. When we moved out we discovered a big patch of mold/mildew right where we put our heads! Can you get a fan. Our laundry room is always overflowing (the floor drain) and a fan helps a ton. Obviously, if you have a lake, it won’t work. I just bought some concrete sealant for a few places that water can leak into our house through the front steps. It comes in a caulk type container. If there are only a few entry spots, it might help. What you probably need is a sump pump, but they are not cheap. Fun!

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