Happy November!

As we promised, we have updated our blog template. We debated over several, one was a simple brown scheme, elegant and artistic, there were several autumn-y-falling leaf types, and this one. At first we thought we would choose the first, but when it came down to it, this little fantastical cottage won. We liked the story book feel, and I liked the intimacy and excitement of this little hut. It gives a feeling of entering into ones childhood- referring back to simple joys, and forgotten pleasures. It also seems to reflect some of the feelings of our house in quaint little Oberlin. For example, it has frosted several days this week, but my little impatiens continue to thrive. We rarely see our neighbors- so I like to think that means we can keep our windows open regardless, but Tom always suggests we close them when, say, dressing. I have noticed when friends are here they grab pillows and curl up on the couches like they would at home. I am always delighted to see that our house has a welcoming charm. So perhaps this new theme will draw you in to the magical world of Elm Street!
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