7 things you might not know about me

So Audrey, darling sister that she is, tagged me. Again, I might add! Which means I’m supposed to respond to the question of what 7 things to people not know about me. I have struggled to think of anything, as the main readers of this blog are my family, and my closest friends. Let’s just hope Tom’s family reads this post- I bet Doug doesn’t know these things!
1. I love bread. When I was a girl I ate tons of it.ย  However, when I was about 16/17 I gained some weight and wanted to loose it. So, I established eating and exercising patterns that I hoped would prevent it from accumulating again. As a result I swore myself off of one of my greatest loves- Bagels. Now you must understand that only the year before Safeway was running these “bag of bagels” sales. Brigette and I would compete, seeing how many we could cram in one bag. Lately, Tom has been assigned to bring bagels to his weekly morning meetings. Yesterday, when I told him how jealous I was of his bagel binges, he said “you like bagels?”
2. I am often jealous of the girls at the gym with cute exercise outfits. I often look through the racks at say Marshals or TJ max for some great deals on such items, but I am too cheap to override the knowledge that my grungy T-shirts, and guy shorts work just fine.
3. I guess I’m the more progressive of my sisters. wink wink. I was the first one to pluck my eyebrows- having researched shapes and methods online!
4. I know the name of 50-odd flowers. I considered going into landscaping for college.
5. One of my goals is to speak another language fluently.
6. My friends at Oberlin tease me saying I add whole wheat, bran, and celery into everything I make.
7. I want to name my first daughter: Jade.

3 responses to “7 things you might not know about me”

  1. I didn’t know you had a name picked out for your first child! Does Tom like the name too? Derek and I have a really easy time with Ryanna, but such a hard time with Owen. So fun to see all these interesting tidbits!

  2. You’re right! I didn’t know any of those things!
    But I will say that some of your admissions didn’t surprise me at all:
    1. The success of your Thanksgiving rolls has linked you and delicious bread in my mind forever.
    3. You have to be at least a little progressive to be married to Tom ๐Ÿ™‚
    5. Opera = foreign language to me.
    6. Oh, you Obies and your all-natural goodness.
    But I definitely had no idea about your interests in landscaping, exercise outfits, or a daughter named Jade!
    ps. my latest pet project – http://commentocracy.blogspot.com
    Tom and I are very alike in the way we get really enthusiastic about new hobbies and interests ๐Ÿ™‚

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