Fall break is finished.

Tomorrow I return to classes and life. This week has been so wonderful. I loved having enough time at the gym that I could run and lift weights. I enjoy exercising so much more when I don’t have to cram it into a 45 min block. I guess the same goes with singing. there were several days this week when I warmed up and began singing and it wasn’t so hot, but as I was on break I would leave and do something else for 15 minutes and when I came back things went great. It seemed to be a rather regular trend, I think I will try to break up my warm up and my practice in the future. I had time to really study my scriptures. I had time to talk with family and friends, I had time to cook whenever and whatever I wanted (lentil soup, Barb’s broccoli-chicken-ginger stir fry with Basmati rice, pumpkin bread)- while listening to an audio book. I had time to listen to a lot of music- something that is very beneficial, but that always slips from the priority list when life gets crazy. Most of all I had time to think, to walk slowly, and to be grateful.
An exciting list of this week’s highlights:

o   We ordered a new cell phone for me, which will hopefully mean I will get better reception in our house.

o   We were given a beautiful wood serving bowl, (which matches our wood Hawaii bowls) and red Crockpot (which matches our kitchen) and a fun cookie press- from Tom’s friends: Adam and Jen, Laura, and Julia.

o   Tom’s made a lot of leeway with his research

o   We had a game night on Thursday and was introduced to this fantastic hot pumpkin drink.

o   I realized that there is a roll in the spring opera “L’incoronazion de Poppea” which I would actually be interested in- Drusilla.

o   We brought in all the winter clothes and got rid of the summer clothes.

o   We reorganized were we keep the dirty clothes so they are no longer right under my clean clothes!

o   I played a lot of piano

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