Dinner Party

Yesterday we had several of Tom’s med school friends over for dinner, in belated celebration of our wedding. It was a lovely night, and perhaps the first really fancy dinner we have given. It was fun to set the table using our new place settings, as well as to use several of the class serving dishes we were given as gifts. Two from Ms. Mahy, and the other from the Bergesons. We made Creamy Squash soup, homemade rolls, and a spinach salad with Cranberries, roasted almonds, and a homemade dressing. With pumpkin-apple bread for dessert. Tom made the soup and it turned out delicious, one girl was obviously a bit apprehensive about the overabundance of squash, but after finishing her first tiny bowl full she helped her self to a heaping second! I realized while we were cooking that we were kind of making a meal of sides. But I have always preferred sides anyway- who likes the emphasis to be on meat? (Cass you would have loved it- it was completely vegetarian!)
After dinner we gathered in the living room to talk and as I glanced back at the table the thought occurred to me that I had just done what I had oft complained about to my Mom. I had served everything in separate dishes from what they were baked in. Even the salad dressing was served in a cute little glass dressing container. It was one of those moments when I finally understood my mother, from experience. I had gotten such joy out of presenting a beautiful meal. It felt like an extension of my femininity, a branch of my creativity. It was like the wrapping on a present, it gave the meal substance, structure, and visual excitement. I had to smile, in gratitude for a mother who taught me that there are times for fancy meals. There are times when life should be celebrated, respected. I hope I followed my Grandmother’s example when I matched the serving utensils, and properly set the table. I hope I was as welcoming and conversational as my Grandpa always is. I hope I was as enduring with the dishes as my father always was. It’s these simple realizations in life that should be recorded, cherished. I loved Elder Eyrings talk in conference: We should all be better at recording the blessings in our lives so we can look back in hard times and still be grateful.
I am grateful for the example of my mother, my father, and my grandparents. Who taught me that life should be treated beautifully, and that food, a big part of life- should too! 🙂

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