I'm grateful.. .

I’m grateful I get to be my children’s main teacher. I love seeing the light in their eyes as they understand a new concept. I love, though I’m often frustrated by, hearing their inner thinkings and tangential wonderings. I love that we can exchange giggles, or hugs, or tickle wars as a break to a strenuous grammar lesson, or writing assignment. I love our ability to connect everything in our lives- since everything interweaves. I love how my children can reference briefly a sentence we read or a wonder we saw and I know immediately what they are talking about and can jump into the conversation with them. I love that in a way I’m rediscovering learning for myself. I’m learning how to learn, how to cultivate learning. I’ve discovered anew my love of math, I’ve marveled at the English language both for its beauty but also complexity. But mostly I’ve marveled at the capability of the child’s mind. They are astounding. I’m humbled daily by their ability to remember, understand, and connect. I’m so grateful that my children’s world revolved around each other right now. Yes, they have their separate communities, but their core group is our family, and I’m grateful that we have more sway than “they” for the time being. I’m grateful that we have the means, and I have the opportunity to stay home with my children. It is overwhelmingly frustrating at times, and yet strikingly blissful in moments sprinkled throughout the day: When Anders looks up with his little smile and sweet eyes, while he reads to me. When Chiara climbs on my back while I’m on the floor working through math with Scotland. When Scotland’s eyes light up with a new idea- always grander and less likely than the last! I’m grateful for a home from which we can easily take in the outdoors. I’m grateful for a healthy body and mind. I’m grateful for literature, poetry, and music. I’m grateful for our piano. I’m grateful for slow early mornings, and fast late mornings, for slow early afternoons. I’m grateful for the opportunity they both offer all of us to contemplate, ponder, and be just ourselves. I’m grateful for yoga. I’m grateful for time to consider my gratitude!

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